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From Our Pet Parents

  • Heather Inzerma

    PetPlus is an absolute must if you have more than one pet and plan to continue treating year round. I get to avoid the extra trip to the vet, PetCareRx gets the script approval and it's all cheaper then having to go to the store with the PetPlus addition.

    Heather Inzerma - Dog Pet Parent

  • Lisa Orosco

    Absolutely, love the great prices customer service and the fast shipping. I have done price comparison and no one can beat PetCareRx.

    Lisa Orosco - Dog Pet Parent

  • KD

    I use this to order my dogs' Heartgard and Nexgard. They contact your vet to confirm your prescription and ship the meds quickly. It is very efficient and the price discounts with PetPlus makes it a great value.

    KD - Dog Pet Parent

  • Linda Kerske

    PetCareRx absolutely took care of everything with calling the vet to get the script and I received [my order] in a very timely manner. The cost savings of this script is huge for me! Highly recommend!

    Linda Kerske - Cat Pet Parent

  • Tara Kayali

    My dog has congestive heart failure and we absolutely could not afford the high priced medications from the vet. PetCareRx gave us a price that we could manage and saved our dog's life!

    Tara Kayali - Dog Pet Parent

  • Dawn Lewis

    This was my first time to order from PetCareRx. I was amazed how fast I received my order. Great customer service also. I called a few times to ask questions before placing my order. I will definitely order from here again!

    Dawn Lewis - Dog Pet Parent

How To Order Prescriptions Online

  • 1

    Find the right product

    Make sure it matches your pets prescription. Don't forget to compare the dosage for pills/capsules!

  • 2

    Add to Cart

    Just like any other online store. Make sure the quantity matches what's been prescribed by your veterinarian.

  • 3

    Tell us about your pet and vet

    Answer some questions during checkout and we'll contact your vet and verify the prescription for you. (you can also mail us the written prescription)

  • 4

    That's It!

    If the prescription has any refills, processing your future orders for that medication can be expedited.

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