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About Dogs

Dogs have been with humans since the stone ages. They have showered us with unconditional love while entertaining us with their cute antics. From rescuing people to detecting cancer, dogs are much more than mere pets.

Deciding to bring home a dog is a huge decision. While rewards of having a furry pal around the house are many, you should also be aware of all the responsibilities that come with it. Dogs need a lot of care in terms of grooming and training. They also have special dietary needs and pet owners often need to experiment with a few different dog food brands before finding the perfect one. Pet parents also need to ensure that their dogs get adequate exercise by taking them out for regular walks as well as playing with them using toys.

The rewards of owning a pet dog are more than plenty. From helping us cope with emotion distress to forcing us to go out for a walk, dogs take care of us the way we take care of them. Research suggests that dogs encourage the production of Oxytocin in our brains, which is a chemical responsible for making us happy. Taking all these factors into consideration itโ€™s probably safe to say that dogs truly are our best friends.