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Discounts & Promotions

At PetCareRx, we aim to offer medications, food and supplies at a great value every day. But to keep your pet healthy and happy, weโ€™ve designed a number of other ways you can save even more with us! From time-to-time on select items, you may be able to get additional savings in a variety of ways including, promotional codes, selecting auto delivery, PetCareRx Points or if an item is on sale. There are many ways to save, but our savings are so great we can only give you one!

Our commitment to you: We'll always tell you which way saves you the most at checkout!

It is our goal to do our best to provide you with the greatest savings within our means. To this end, you can review your best savings option by clicking on the โ€œDiscounts, Promotions, or PetCareRx Pointsโ€ menu in your cart and see which offer will provide you the greatest savings on your total order. That way you can rest assured that you always receive the lowest price available.

Discount codes, promotional codes, sale prices, and gift codes cannot be combined. Discounts do not apply on certain items. PetCareRx Points cannot be combined with any of the aforementioned discounts, and the PetCareRx Point discount will override said discount if you choose to redeem them.

Discount codes may not apply to the following brands/manufacturers due to pricing restrictions: Hill's Prescription/Science Diet, Royal Canin, Merck.

Items on sale are identified with a โ€œSaleโ€ banner and are only valid when you purchase on our website. Please note that because these items are already discounted they cannot be combined with other promotions like coupon codes or points. If you do choose to enter your coupon code or select to use your points at checkout, those offers will be applied to our regular PetCareRx price. Free shipping offers are applied after discounts and PetCareRx Points Usage to orders being shipped with the contiguous U.S. Shipping is applied to items over 60lbs and pet food based on the weight or product dimension and on larger items.

PetCareRx reserves the right to limit coupons to one per household.

PetCareRx does not accept manufacturer rebates.

Refer a Friend

Introducing a brand new PetPlus membership perk: Earn credit towards your membership cost for every friend you refer who enrolls in PetPlus using your unique referral code which can be found on your PetPlus member dashboard. Plus, your friend or family member receives 15% off their first year's membership! It's a win-win.

Terms & Conditions Updated: 8/20/2021

The referral program is available to all PetPlus Members. Every time someone enrolls in PetPlus using your referral code, a $10 credit will be applied towards your next membership renewal. This credit is non-transferrable, cannot be applied towards product purchases, and is not redeemable for cash.

Referral credit that exceeds your next renewal cost will carry over to subsequent renewal period. Members who cancel PetPlus with available credit will forfeit that credit. PetCareRx reserves the right to reject referrer credit at our discretion (no funny business!).