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Allergies & Asthma

LATEST Things in Your House Your Dog Can be Allergic To

If you have a dog, it’s important to know which things they can be allergic to, so that you can keep them away from those objects in your house. Some of the things that can trigger an allergic reaction in dogs are as follows: Read More

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Arthritis & Joint Pain

LATEST The Science Behind NSAIDs for Dogs

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (otherwise referred to as NSAIDs) are one of the most common pain medications prescribed to dogs. Common medical issues that are treated with NSAIDs include arthritis and generalized pain (e.g. after su… Read More

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Dental Health

LATEST 6 Simple Changes That Can Ensure Good Dental Health in Dogs

Protecting and preserving a dog’s dental and oral care might be more important than we think it is. The heavy plaque that is found under their gums will lead to long-term health issues that will be dealt with. However, these lead to worse … Read More

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Diabetes, Endocrine & Metabolic Health

LATEST How to Stop Your Dog From Gaining Weight During COVID-19 Lockdown

No question. You are living in quarantine, and that means that your dogs are with you too. This means many changes to your normal life and also to theirs. Your dogs are susceptible to human energy including your stress, anxiety, and panic.… Read More

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Ear & Eye Health

LATEST What To Do About Your Cat Or Dog’s Runny Eyes

Does your cat or dog have gooey gunk coming from their eyes and tear-stained fur? If this happens every once in a while, it’s probably nothing too serious. However if your pet’s tears are continuous or yellowish in color, it’s time to visi… Read More

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Epilepsy & Neural Health

LATEST Hydrocephalus In Dogs And Cats

Hydrocephalus is a congenital disorder found in dogs and cats, usually at late stages in life and after some sort of head injury or a terrible infection. It is important to get your pet diagnosed early in order to obtain proper treatment. … Read More

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Flea & Tick

LATEST Exploring natural flea and tick remedies for dogs

If your dog is sensitive to topical flea treatments then you may be at your wit's end. Fleas and ticks are no fun, and in this article, we'll explore some natural alternatives for dogs that can't handle harsh flea killers. Read More

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Food & Nutrition

LATEST Foods That are Poisonous to Dogs

Feeding leftovers to dogs is a common practice; however, there are certain food items that could end up being poisonous for your dog. Some of these are extremely common items that you will be shocked to find on the list. The poisonous food… Read More

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Gastrointestinal (Stomach) Health

LATEST Strategies for Helping Your Dog Lose Weight

One of the most common yet overlooked issues in America is its obesity issue. Unfortunately, that problem now applies to our pets as well. Several studies have placed the total percentage of overweight and obese dogs in the US at around th… Read More

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LATEST Minimize Shedding In Dogs

We’ve all been there, our sweet pupper running around the house and over the sofas leaving a ton of fur behind. Of course, that’s the price we pay for having a four-legged friend but it doesn’t mean there aren’ strategies that you can use… Read More

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Heart Health

LATEST Signs That Your Dog Has a Heart Disease

Heart diseases in dogs can lead to abnormalities related to blood pumping, which can further cause fluid to be built up in the abdomen and chest of your dog. Heart conditions can be divided into two types, namely the heart valve and the he… Read More

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Hot Spots & Skin Health

LATEST Things in Your House Your Dog Can be Allergic To

Humans often end up developing allergies from the smallest of things, and it leads to reactions such as itchy skin, watery eyes, etc. Similarly, our furry, four-legged friends can develop allergic reactions to things they’re surrounded by.… Read More

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Kidney & Bladder Health

LATEST 7 Signs of Bladder Stones in Dogs

Your dog is a part of the family and when there is something wrong with him or her, you want to ensure he gets the best treatment possible. You would do whatever you can for him or her just as you would for your own child. Read More

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Preventative & Other Health

LATEST How to Take Care of Your Dog’s Health While Remaining in Quarantine

Are you living in quarantine because of the rapid global spread of COVID-19? That means that your four-pawed best friend is forced to be inside with you. Until recently, there was no evidence from the Centers for Disease Control and Preven… Read More

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LATEST Your ultimate guide to taking care of your new puppy

Read on to learn about the some key steps you'll need to carry about when your puppy comes home for the first time. Read More

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Senior Dog

LATEST 11 Things You Can Do to Make Life Easier for Your Dog with Arthritis & Joint Pain

Arthritis is common among all pets, regardless of age. It is important to look out for signs your dog may be in pain. There are many things you can do to help manage your dog's arthritis and joint pain as they get older. Read More

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Training & Behavior

LATEST How to get your dog to come when it’s called

Dogs heading over to you when called is one of the most crucial training lessons a dog needs. It’s also one of the hardest ones to do effectively and requires a lot of patience. Worry not, we're here to help. Read More

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Travel & Lifestyle

LATEST Can Dogs Eat Watermelon?

Don’t tell me that when the summer heat arrives, you don’t think of this huge red and juicy fruit! So why can’t your little four-pawed buddy enjoy your summer treat too? Luckily, watermelon fruit has so many great benefits for dogs, but b… Read More

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