PetPlus Plan Terms

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The following terms and conditions apply to the PetPlus Plan (the "PetPlus Plan"), a membership based pet health and wellness discount program offered by PetPlus, LLC ("PetPlus"). The PetPlus Plan is offered in two versions: the “Protection Plan” and “Complete Care.” Both versions are referred to in these terms as the PetPlus Plan, except where a term applies to only one version of the PetPlus Plan, in which case, these terms and conditions will refer only to the applicable version of the PetPlus Plan. By registering for this program, you agree to the terms and conditions below, as well as our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Capitalized words used here that are not otherwise defined have the meaning given them in the Terms of Use.

Product and Services Information
The PetPlus Plan covers certain medications that are required by law to be prescribed by a licensed veterinarian, in addition to products that do not require prescriptions. PetPlus cannot provide a prescription medication through the PetPlus Plan without a valid prescription from your pet’s veterinarian.
The Complete Care Plan and Protection Plan have certain differences. Members registering for the Complete Care Plan have access to all medications on Formulary A and the Protection Plan have access to Formulary B, as specified on the formulary documents. Members can purchase a one year supply of each medication, annually, per pet, unless otherwise specified on the formulary document. The selection and amount of medications on each Formulary may change at any time without notice to members. If Protection Plan members place orders for medication that is either: (i) in excess of any limit specified on the Formulary or (ii) not part of the medications that are on the designated Formulary, PetPlus will automatically upgrade you to the Complete Care Plan and you agree to allow PetPlus to charge the credit card you use for this order in the amount of the additional membership fee payable for the Complete Care Plan for the full period of your membership.
Protection Plan members may be offered the opportunity to purchase limited amounts of products in Formulary A, if not covered in Formulary B. These amounts may change at any time, but will be posted on the Formulary.
The PetPlus Plan is not insurance and is not intended as a substitute for insurance. In no event is information provided on or through the Website, or connected with the PetPlus Plan, intended as veterinary and/or other licensed professional advice. You should consult with your veterinarian in evaluating the appropriateness of any information provided on the Website or any medication obtained through the PetPlus Plan. Use all medications as instructed by your veterinarian and/or as provided in the manufacturer’s packaging insert. If you have any questions about medication obtained through the PetPlus Plan, or about the administration or dosage of a medication, contact your pet’s prescribing veterinarian. Products and services offered on any of the Website are subject to availability. Manufacturer shortages may limit or prohibit us from filling your pet’s prescription. The receipt of an e-mail order acknowledgement is not a confirmation that the fulfilling pharmacy has a prescription medication in stock. Purchase of prescriptions through the PetPlus Plan for resale purposes is prohibited. In order to maintain the integrity of the program, if we believe that any member has violated or engaged in abuse of the plan, we reserve the right in our sole determination to limit the quantity of any item(s) sold through the PetPlus Plan, and/or to any single person, household, or credit card during any given period. PetPlus Plan membership is a “per-pet” program. Membership benefits are only available for the pet registered with the PetPlus Plan. Accessing your PetPlus Plan benefits for a pet not named on the account is a violation of the PetPlus Plan. PetPlus reserves the right to cancel or modify this program at any time. Program changes or cancellations will be effective at the beginning of the member’s next billing cycle. By joining the PetPlus Plan, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions of the PetPlus Plan and that any violation by you of these terms and conditions may be grounds for termination of your membership by PetPlus. No membership cost refund will be provided to any terminated member.

PetPlus Plan savings are estimated off the prevailing price for the prescription products available through the PetPlus Plan and are calculated at the time of sale. The savings are estimated based on manufacturer or supplier standard list or retail prices. These prices are comparative and may not represent the prevailing price in any particular geographic area. Discount codes, promotional codes, sale prices, gift codes and PetPlus loyalty points cannot be used with orders placed through the PetPlus Plan. Certain state laws prevent the use of PetPlus loyalty points to be awarded or utilized for the purchase of prescription drugs.

The Participating Retail Pharmacy Network
PetPlus is not a pharmacy, however PetPlus does provide access to discounted veterinary medications that are identical to those you would obtain through your veterinarian. For mail-order or online purchases, we may partner with other companies, including affiliated companies such as PetCareRx, Inc., to fulfill your order. Many of the prescription medications ordered for your pet are the same ones taken by people and may be available through a retail pharmacy. For its Complete Care version of the PetPlus Plan, PetPlus has partnered with CVS Caremark so that Complete Care members can access the Plan’s wholesale pricing through a CVS Caremark participating retail pharmacy. Drugs manufactured for veterinary use only will not be available from the CVS Caremark pharmacies. In addition, not all CVS Caremark pharmacies may participate in the PetPlus Complete Care version of the PetPlus Plan. We are not responsible for the information, products or services provided by PetCareRx, CVS Caremark or any third party accessed through the Website.We are not responsible for the information, products or services provided by PetCareRx, CVS Caremark or any third party accessed through the Website.

Recurring Billing
You authorize us to charge each payment to the credit card you use to make your initial payment or, if we are unable to complete a charge using such credit card, to any other credit card we have on file with our parent company, PetCareRx Inc. (“PetCareRx”) with respect to your account at PetPlus is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PetCareRx. Please do not use a debit card to make your initial payment. You agree to maintain in your PetPlus and, if applicable, PetCareRx, account at least one valid credit card that expires no earlier than 20 days after your last payment due date.

The PetPlus program is designed to save money for its members over the long term. Still, you may cancel your PetPlus membership at any time without penalty if you have not utilized any of your PetPlus benefits (including discounts on products and/or services). If you have purchased products or used services using your PetPlus benefits, we will charge a $25 administrative fee per membership cancellation if the membership is cancelled within three months of enrollment. You will not be refunded for any unused days on your membership if you choose to cancel prior to the end of your billing cycle. In addition, in order to maintain the integrity of the program for all its members, we reserve the right to assess a $25 re-activation fee per membership after an account review.

Underpayment/Late Payments
By enrolling in the PetPlus Plan, you agree to pay in full for prescriptions you order and receive through mail delivery and/or those picked up at one of our participating retail pharmacies through the Complete Care version of the PetPlus Program. Late payment fees between $5 and $25 will be assessed for all amounts past due for more than 30 days and will be charged each month the full balance remains unpaid. On occasion, the amount charged to your account for retail pharmacy pickup (for Complete Care members) may be more or less than the price of the prescription you paid online if there is a variation between what was paid for online and what was picked up (eg., dosage, brand name, pill quantity, etc.). You accept financial responsibility for payment in full for any such additional amounts. Should it become necessary for PetPlus to hire an attorney or collection agency to secure payment of any amount due, you will be responsible for paying all attorney's fees, court costs and costs associated with hiring a collection agency.

Guaranteed Savings
If by the end of the one year of continuous PetPlus Plan membership, you have not achieved a total savings amount on all purchases and services with the PetPlus Plan that is equal to or greater than the cost of the membership fee, you will be eligible for store credit at equal to the difference between the amount actually saved and the membership fee, in PetCareRx loyalty points or such other form as determined by PetPlus. You must request this credit within 60 days after the end of the one year membership period to be eligible for the credit at Guaranteed savings request received after the 60-day submission period will not be valid or eligible for store credit. You must be a member for a full year before you will be eligible for any credit under this program. For purposes of calculating your savings, (i) your annual fee will not include any periods during which you participated for free under any promotional offer (such as a one month free trial or free introductory period), (ii) savings will be determined by subtracting the PetPlus's plan price for all products purchased from PetPlus’s then-current customary retail price for such products.

Purchase Limitations
PetPlus-priced quantity limits apply to all members. For each pet enrolled, you may purchase a 12-month supply of each PetPlus product at PetPlus price each year.
If you have enrolled 2 pets in PetPlus, you would then be able to purchase 2 12-month supply's of "Frontline Plus for Dogs" and "Heartgard Plus for Dogs" at PetPlus price. This can be done in a single order of 12-month supply units, 2 orders of 6-month supply units, or 3 orders of 4-month supply units -- each year you are a member.

These limitations apply per product -- not category of products. If you purchased a brand of flea and tick that isn't working so well for your pet, you would still be able to try another brand at PetPlus price.

A special note: Please understand that these limitations were designed so they would not affect legitimate PetPlus members, but would thwart any unscrupulous members from gaming our membership program.