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The story of PetCareRx is really the story of Lou, our founder Blake Brossman's beloved Rottweiler.

Several years ago Lou was diagnosed with cancer. Blake, being the loving, caring and concerned pet parent that he was and is, put all his attention and resources into the treatment of Lou's illness. It turned out that significant resources were needed--7 pills for Lou's treatment cost $700. Blake was willing to do whatever it took to help Lou, but soon discovered the wholesale cost of the same pills was only $.07 per pill.

Blake founded PetCareRx in 1998 to help other pet parents get the medication their pets need at a reasonable price. Nearly 25 years later, Lou's memory lives on. We have grown from an inspired idea into a full service pet pharmacy and pet supply provider. We hope to be your go-to resource for pet products long into the future, because just like Blake, we know how much your pet means to you.

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Our Experts

lori awadalla
Dr. Lori Awadalla Staff Veterinarian
Dr. Lori Awadalla attended the State University of New York at Geneseo and received her Bachelor's Degree in Biology with a minor in Mathematics in 2004. She continued her education at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine from 2004 to 2006, and she next completed a clinical year at Auburn University and was awarded her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2007. Dr. Awadalla's professional interests include surgery and emergency medicine. She worked at Shaker Veterinary Hospital for 3 years as an Associate Veterinarian prior to joining the Veterinary Specialty Center of the Hudson Valley as an Emergency/Critical Care Vet in 2011. She has also served as Relief Veterinarian at Northway Animal Emergency Hospital, Hearthstone Veterinary Hospital, and most recently Adirondack Veterinary Clinic. At PetCareRx, Dr. Awadalla provides us with her years of knowledge about how to best keep your pets healthy. She is the proud pet parent of Isabelle, a "mutt" originally from St. Kitts, Eddie, a cat, and a Doberman Pinscher named Atlas.
ernest ezue
Ernest Ezue PetCareRx Pharmacy Director
Ernest Ezue graduated from LIU Brooklyn with a BS in Pharmacy, and then moved to Africa. There, he ran Green Seed Pharmaceuticals, which did business in parts of Asia, Europe, and Africa. In 2004, he moved back to the United States and began working at CVS Pharmacy, where he stayed until 2010 when he came to PetCareRx Ernest has been working as a pharmacist for 20 years. He oversees the PetCareRx Pharmacy, making sure your pets get the medicine they need.
joseph wakshlag
Dr. Joseph J. Wakshlag Consulting Nutritionist
Dr. Joe graduated from the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine with his DVM degree in 1998. He continued his educational endeavors, receiving a PhD from Cornell University and completing his residency requirements in 2005. He became a board certified diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Nutrition in 2007 and later became a founding diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation in 2010. He is currently an Associate Professor of Clinical Nutrition at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. At PetCareRx, Dr. Joe uses his expertise to help make our nutrition advice and tools accurate, thorough and useful to pet parents. Dr. Joe currently is the owner of eight dogs: six Alaskan Sled Dogs, an English Mastiff (Roxy) and a Stabyhoun (Gracie), although his life is thoroughly controlled by his cat, Kermit.