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Allergies & Asthma

LATEST Food allergies in cats

Common symptoms that often occur in cats suffering from a food allergy and ways to weed out which ingredient is the culprit. Read More

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Arthritis & Joint Pain

LATEST Legg-Perthes Disease In Dogs And Cats

Legg-Perthes disease is a degenerative hip joint disease where through the loss of blood supply, the head of the femur completely disintegrates. This can cause a lot of pain to your pet and possibly lead to other chronic bone and joint dis… Read More

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Dental Health

LATEST Retained Deciduous Teeth in Dogs and Cats

When a dog or cat’s baby teeth don’t fall out, they are called retained deciduous teeth. Retained deciduous teeth can cause all sorts of dental problems, and unfortunately, the condition often goes unnoticed until later in a pet’s life. Read More

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Diabetes, Endocrine & Metabolic Health

LATEST Pancreatic Insufficiency In Dogs And Cats

Pancreatic insufficiency is when the small, but very important pancreas is damaged and is unable to release the digestive enzymes, leading to malnutrition. It is generally a genetic condition that is sometimes unavoidable. Find out more he… Read More

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Ear & Eye Health

LATEST Cat Eye Discharge - How to Treat Different Types of Feline Eye Issues

It’s not uncommon for cats to have to occasional “gunky” eye. However, there are situations where you might have to treat your cat’s symptoms or make a quick trip to your veterinarian.It’s not uncommon for cats to have to occasional “gunky… Read More

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Epilepsy & Neural Health

LATEST Steps to Take After Your Cat Has Its First Epileptic Seizure

Your cat is your baby and if something happens to him or her, you want to do everything you can to ensure the safety of your furbaby. Read More

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Flea & Tick

LATEST Can Humans Get Fleas?

Humans can get fleas. These pests cause more problems for our pets than for us, but we can still fall victim to their biting ways. Read More

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Food & Nutrition

LATEST The Best Grain Free Cat Food for Your Kitty

Cats are carnivores by nature. That means they need meat. And while they can eat other things as well (i.e. veggies), their diet should consist of mostly meat based proteins. This is why grain-free foods are so handy, as many cat foods on … Read More

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Gastrointestinal (Stomach) Health

LATEST Irritable Bowel Syndrome In Cats

Irritable bowel syndrome in cats is usually due to stress. Cats can become stressed from moving from one home to another or even from changing the food they are used to. The important thing is recognizing the signs of irritable bowel syndr… Read More

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LATEST Cat shedding: How to fix it

One of the prices you pay for having a cat is living with cat hair everywhere. However, there a few ways to manage your cat's shedding and prevent it from getting all over your house and clothes. Read More

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Heart Health

LATEST Heartworms in Dogs - Symptoms You Should Know

Early detection of heartworms can protect your dog from serious illness or worse. Read about heartworms in dogs and how to combat them at PetCareRx. Read More

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Hot Spots & Skin Health

LATEST Staph Infection in Dogs and Cats

Staph infections are caused by a Staphylococcus (or “staph”) bacteria. This bacteria is commonly found on the skin of people and animals, but does not cause any problems until the skin is irritated or the immune system is compromised. Read More

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Kidney & Bladder Health

LATEST What causes UTI in Dogs and Cats? Your Pet's Urinary Tract Infection Explained

A UTI in dogs and cats is mostly treatable. Here are the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for a urinary tract infection. Read More

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LATEST How to cat-proof your home

Life's about to get a whole lot more exciting! A new cat in your life is nothing but cuteness and cuddles. However, before that new kitten steps into your home, you're going to want to make sure it's safe and fun. Read More

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Preventative & Other Health

LATEST Did Your Cat Catch A Cold?

Is it possible for a cat to catch a cold? If so, how can you prevent and treat it at home? Read More

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Senior Cat

LATEST 10 Tips On How To Care For A Senior Cat

Cats over 7-10 years are generally considered to be seniors. When your cat starts entering this age group, you’ll realize that things are beginning to change quickly. It is important to realize that senior cats have special needs and they … Read More

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Training & Behavior

LATEST Why Your Cat Goes Crazy At Night

Cue night time and the clock strikes midnight. Your cat suddenly has more energy than it knows what to deal with. And this results in your cat dashing about your house, crashing into things, and meowing everywhere. This 'crazy' cat behavio… Read More

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Travel & Lifestyle

LATEST Cat and Owl are Best Friends - A Must Watch Video

Gebra is a barn owl that was trained in falconry. That means she is comfortable with her handler and is somewhat more domesticated than her ‘wild’ brethren. Fum is an extremely active black cat who spends the lion’s share of his time outdo… Read More

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