Cat Steals Husky's Bed: Here’s How Pet Parents Can Stop That From Happening Learn How to Stop Your Furball from Stealing Their Canine Bestie’s Bed

Cat Steals Husky's Bed: Here’s How Pet Parents Can Stop That From Happening

Cats have an inherent need to try out different sleeping spots. That’s why you might see them enjoying a nap on your dog's bed. This blog will help you learn how to stop that from happening.

Are you the proud pet parent of a cat and a dog? Then, you’ve probably experienced frustration when your feline ends up curling up in your dog’s bed. According to the Pew Research Center, 24% of people have both cats and dogs. That means you’re probably not the only one facing a ‘cat-napping’ situation. 

On March 25th, Newsweek published an article that made every pet owner go ‘aww.’ This article talks about a viral Instagram video depicting a Bengal cat taking over his Husky brother’s bed. 

In this clip, Toshi is seen peacefully sleeping in the middle of Nuki’s bed. Nuki’s adorable and baffled reaction has taken the internet by storm. The video also shows him awkwardly sitting in the corner, looking at the peacefully sleeping feline. With his gentle and calm reaction, this Husky has won the hearts of over 640,000 people. 

But why do cats steal dog beds? The thing is, cats are inherently curious creatures. They want to check out different sleeping locations. If your cat is doing this, they’re probably trying to compare how comfortable the dog’s bed is to their own sleeping spot. 

Do you want to stop that from happening? In this blog, we’ll discuss the things you should do to stop your feline friend from taking over your dog’s bed.

What Should You Do When Your Feline Has Taken Over Your Canine’s Bed?

Kathy H., a former court reporter, said that her cat and dog took turns sleeping in each other’s beds for 17 years. There were also days when both of them slept calmly in the same bed. It’s the cutest story, isn’t it? We hope they’re still sleeping and stealing each other’s beds in heaven.

But did you know that you should always keep a check on their behavior when the cat has taken over the dog’s bed? That’s the only way to avoid conflict between the two.

Dog’s Behavior

Does your dog easily disengage and find different resting spots when the feline is in their bed? That means they are okay with the cat lying there. 

However, if the dog exhibits any of the following behaviors, they aren’t happy:

  • Slow approaches toward the bed from different angles

  • Pawing and sniffing near the bed

  • Whining, huffing, or barking

  • Rushing towards the cat 

Moreover, the dog might hang around the cat and keep staring at them. All these prove that your canine best friend is feeling annoyed and stressed when they see a cat in their resting spot.

Cat’s Body Language

According to Megan McGowan, a former vet tech and CE in Animal Behavior, cats only show their belly when they feel safe and loved. For felines, their abdomen is their body’s most vulnerable spot. If your cat rolls on their back and asks you for a tummy rub, that means they have accepted you as their parent. 

Cats truly express a lot of emotions with their bodies. That’s why it’s important to check your feline’s physical reactions when your dog approaches the bed. 

Is your cat calm and gently walking away from the bed when the dog approaches? That means they’re just having fun and communicating well. But does your cat get defensive when your dog gets closer? Then, look for the following body language:

  • Hard stare, stiff body, and ears pinned back

  • Low growls and hissing

  • The hair on their back and tail puffs up

Your cat might also end up hitting your dog. If your cat isn’t following treats or toys out of the bed, then they’ve already marked their territory. 

How to Stop Your Cat from Stealing Dog Beds?

Every pet parent would agree that it’s pretty hard to discipline a cat. However, there are ways you can compel your furball to stay out of the dog’s bed. 

All you have to do is make the bed less inviting. For instance, you can remove the soft pillows and blankets, making them less comfortable.

You can also cat-proof the entrance to the bed. Every time your canine friend goes to sleep, ensure to block off accessibility for the cat. Other than that, you can lure your feline away from the bed with noise, touch, etc. Similarly, when they choose a different resting spot, remember to reward them with praise or treats. 

But the most effective way to stop your feline from stealing your canine’s bed is by getting them their own. Try looking for a fuzzy, fluffy, and warm cat bed.

4 Cat Beds That’ll Be Perfect for Your Feline Friend

Cat beds can help your feline learn to sleep in one place, develop a sense of territory, and stop stealing the dog’s bed. They’ll feel comfortable, cozy, and warm while sleeping. A supportive bed also ensures safety and promotes stress-free relaxation. 

You can check out the following cat bed suggestions to get one for your feline bestie. But remember to check for the fabric type and washability before buying.

#1. Aspen Pet Puffy Round Cat Bed

If you buy this 18-inch bed, your cat’s in for a fun surprise. The benefits of softness and fluffiness make it a great investment for your pet. That’s because the entire product is filled with comfortable poly fiber. 

This bed also comes with micro suede and micro terry fabric on either side, making it reversible. Industry leaders believe these are cat-friendly fabrics because of their exceptional tight-woven threads. That means your feline friend won’t be able to destroy it quickly. When it gets dirty, you can simply wash it in the machine.

All these features prove that your feline friend would absolutely love the Aspen Pet Puffy Round Cat Bed. They won’t steal your dog’s beds when they have such comfort. Instead, the cat will have a peaceful 18 hours of sleep when lying here. 

#2. K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Bed

Do you want a 19-inch x 19-inch cat donut bed with a warm surface? Then, the K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Bed should be your ideal option for indoor use. This product can match the ambient air temperature with that of your feline’s body.

Every time your little furball lies on this bed, the materials will automatically warm up to match their body temperature. Similarly, when the bed is not in use, the heat will dissipate and adjust to the ambient air. That means your cat can enjoy a consistent temperature all day long.

All of that happens because of the unique dual-thermostat feature present inside. Irrespective of the feline’s age and size, they’ll enjoy a controlled temperature of 102°F. However, the bed’s surface will be only 10°F to 15°F above the ambient air temperature when not used.

#3. MidWest Quiet Time Ombre Swirl Grey Bed

The MidWest Quiet Time Ombre Swirl Grey Bed is somewhat similar to the bed Toshi stole from Nuki. But do you know what the funny part is? These beds are usually designed for both house cats and dogs. In that sense, Toshi didn’t do anything wrong. 

This rectangular bed is perfectly comfortable and flexible. Due to its size, you can place it in vehicles or crates when you’re traveling with your cat. 

With an innovative synthetic sheepskin design, this bed is ideal for your feline. It’s usually ultra-soft and has a nice ability to regulate the cat’s body temperature. The material ensures a cooling and warming effect throughout the summer and winter months, respectively. Moreover, the bed has comfortable polyester-filled bolsters and a cushioned cotton base. 

Pro Tip: It’ll be wise to get two of these beds. Otherwise, you might end up seeing your dog pulling a ‘UNO Reverse’ on your feline and stealing your cat’s bed.  

#4. K&H Pet Products Round Comfy Sleeper Self-Warming Pet Bed

Pet parents sometimes invest in pressure-activated plush gel beds to offer a self-warming effect on their cat’s body. However, Dr. Jamie Richardson, a USDA-accredited BVetMed, says you should avoid getting a gel-based heating and cooling bed if your cat is an aggressive chewer. That’s because ingesting this gel can lead to toxicity and intestinal blockages. 

Thankfully, the Round Comfy Sleeper Self-Warming Pet Bed is different. These self-heating cat beds usually come with reflective foil to trap the cat’s body heat on the bed’s surface, making it warm and comfortable. 

The soft and cloud-like polyfill cushion makes it a favorite among felines. You’ll see your little fur ball curl up in a ball and enjoy their sleep. Moreover, it comes with high sidewalls that secure your cat from falling off the bed when in deep sleep. 

In conclusion, you should check your pet’s behavior or body language every time they steal each other’s bed. To avoid that from happening, you’ll need to teach both pets to respect their separate sleeping spots.

However, getting cat beds is the only way to lure your feline to find a different spot for sleeping. These beds will keep your furry friends from getting on each other’s nerves. Your cat will feel cozy as they snuggle into the warm and soft material.

Most of the beds mentioned in this blog come with simple care instructions. That means you don’t have to spend extra time cleaning them.

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