How to Choose a Cat Bed

How to Choose a Cat Bed

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Cats tend to sleep throughout the day. You might want to purchase a cat bed for your cat, instead of having it sleep on your bed/couch/furniture. Cats shed fur, might get ticks and fleas, or urinate/defecate if young in age. You donโ€™t want your cat to infect your bed with ticks. So, why not get them a bed of their own? Here are some qualities to look for, when purchasing a bed for your cat โ€“

  • Buy a bed made of wool/cotton or other such natural fabrics โ€“ These are comfortable and less likely to give your cat an allergic reaction.
  • Make sure it is washable โ€“ At the least, your cat bed should have a washable cover. You will need to wash this cover off all the accumulated germs and bacteria periodically. The best bed for a cat is an entirely washable one. 
  • Measure your cat before buying its bed โ€“ Your cat's bed needs to be a couple of inches more than the total size of your cat. That way, your cat will have enough space to stretch out, without feeling cramped in its own bed. 
  • Choose the shape of the bed โ€“ A cup-style bed with softly rounded walls make your cat feel safe and secure. They also make for great beds for your feline companion, if they prefer sleeping curled up into a ball. You could also pick a cave-style bed if your cat likes enclosures and keeping itself hidden.
  • Decide on the bedโ€™s size โ€“ While cats have enough mobility to jump into beds with high walls, kittens and old cats donโ€™t. So, even if your kitten could use a bed with high walls in the future, donโ€™t buy it such a bed at this time in its life.
  • Consider getting a heated bed โ€“ Often, you will come across electrically/naturally heated cat beds. Cats love warmth; it's no secret. So, maybe buy your cat a warm bed to snuggle up in.
  • Agree on a price โ€“ Yes, your cat deserves all the comfort in the world. However, your cat wonโ€™t be able to tell an expensive bed from one more reasonably priced. Stick to a budget when shopping for your catโ€™s bed.

Wool Cave Beds for Your Cat

You love to pamper your cat, and it is the nature of felines to cuddle inside warm, soft, and dark spaces. This is why your cat will love wool cave beds. It is the best cat furniture ever invented. Wool caves are more than a comfortable place for your kitty to make themselves comfortable. There are many proven scientific benefits as to why buying these makes sense. Cats love a woolen cave bed compared to any other variety of beds.

Cats love enclosed spaces

Kitties love enclosed areas. Cat owners know this. Many a time they have laid out a comfortable soft bed for the cat only to find the animal snoozing inside a hard wooden box found at the far corner of the room. Felines love to climb and explore. Nothing misses their attention, be it a box or a blanket, or a basket. Cats love boxes so much that animal behaviorists have written many research papers on them. Cats are found to sit inside square-designed floors. It is believed that cats love above all a secure space. Your kitty will feel much safer if it can get inside an enclosed space like a box or a specially built cat cave. It is a fact that sitting in a box reduced a cat's stress levels. A cat cave is a much better alternative than a plain cardboard packing box.

Benefits of wool

The cat cave bed is made of wool. The wool fibers are absorbent and cat owners should have no fear of their kitty sleeping in a soggy mess. This is as the wool fiber has microscopic cuticle cells which are extremely absorbent. It takes moisture from the surface. Even though the wool is wet, it will appear dry to your kitty. Your task is to clean the cave simply. It also helps that the wool functions like a thermostat. The fiber cuticles keep the woolen materials warm during the time the outside temperature goes down. As moisture gets trapped by the wool, the cat cave makes an ideal bed for the animal. It keeps the cat warm and comfortable.

Conversely, when the temperature goes up, the wool cuticles expand, thus releasing moisture. Cool air flows through fiber. It means the wool cat cave keeps your cat cozy whatever the outside temperature. There is another undeniable benefit to getting a cat wool cave. This cave will stop your kitty from sleeping elsewhere. It means no more fur on your pillow or sleeping on your laptop keyboard. Your kitchen counters will be spared from the cat. Since you now offer your kitty the best sleeping location it can think of; the animal is less likely to sleep elsewhere.


Your cat will still want to sleep with you on your bed or other furniture, even after you've gotten its very own bed. You have to wean your cat off this habit. Place your cat's bed in an area that it frequents. Also, ensure this area gets some sun. Placing your cat's bed on the floor is a better idea than fixing it on a perch. A high perched bed could lead to accidents if not fixed well. Let your cat get used to its bed, and soon you will find it showering its love and gratitude on you for your thoughtful act.

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