16 Questions to Meditate Upon Before Getting a Second Pet Getting a Second Pet Demands Double the Thinking - Ask These Questions to Yourself to Know for Sure

16 Questions to Meditate Upon Before Getting a Second Pet

Are your family members and your existing pet ready for a new pet? Bringing a new pet home should never be a whimsical decision as it's your responsibility to provide a loving and caring atmosphere. These questions should help you self-evaluate and find out if you are ready for a second pet.

Owning a pet has its own set of challenges. Having overcome them with your pet, you might feel that you want to add to your pet family. If you already have a pet, how much of a stretch can get a second pet to be?

Ask yourself these questions if the thought of getting a second pet has crossed your mind.

Why Get a Second Pet?

Who are you really getting the second pet for? Before you jump to the conclusion that your pet is lonely, look for evidence. Separation anxiety is not reason enough to get a second pet. You need to admit that you want to add another member to your family. Once you are ready for a second pet to ask yourself the next few questions.

Is Your Family Ready for Another Pet?

If you are living alone then you do not have to worry about anyone else’s approval. But if you are living with family then you need your family to be fine with your decision. Bringing a second pet home without your family’s acceptance is disastrous for the animal as well as your family. So, ask your family if they are ready for another pet before getting one.

Is Your Pet Ready for Another Pet?

There are some pets which seek out the company and some which do not. If you own a cat, dog or guinea pig then you can contemplate getting a second pet. Some dogs are aggressive towards other pets. You need to make sure that your pet is fine with socializing with other pets.

Is Your House Ready for Another Pet?

You cannot bring a pet home if your house is not suitable for them. Rental houses may not allow more than one pet. Ensure your house is big enough for both your pets. Space is very important for all animals. Stuffing more and more animals into limited space is harmful to the animals and you.

What Kind of a Pet Do You want?

Getting the same kind of pet that you already have is the best idea. But some pet owners choose to try their hand at owning a different kind of pet. Unless you are willing to put in the time and effort do not get animals that are likely to not get along. Do not get a cat if you have a dog and vice versa unless you are absolutely sure they get along.

Baby, Adult or Senior?

Once you have narrowed down on what kind of animal you want, you need to decide the age of the animals. Getting a baby or senior animal needs a lot of care. Adult animals are best for people who do not have much time to spend behind training and tending to their animals.

Where Can You Get Your Second Pet From?

There are many abandoned pets that are looking for homes. Depending on what animal you want you can go to your closest shelter. Adult and senior animals are usually there in shelters, you may even end up finding a puppy or kitten at the shelter. Getting a pet from a shelter gives the animal a second chance at life. Always choose to adopt an animal.

Is Your Second Pet Ready for Your House?

When you get another animal home, you need to make sure that the animal is ready for your home. Make sure that the animals are friendly towards other animals and children. You do not want to take the risk of having an unfriendly animal alone in the house with your pet. Since shelters have animals that have seen worse days, spend time with the animal before deciding to adopt the animal.

Is Your Second Pet Ready to for Your First Pet?

Some shelters can even allow you to take your pet to visit to ensure that your pet is comfortable with the new pet. See how your potential pet behaves with your pet. Allowing the animals to interact before bringing them home cuts down on acclimatization time.

Does Your Second Pet Have a Medical Record?

Shelter animals usually have a thorough check-up done. Due to negligence or birth defects, the shelter animals come with a medical portfolio. Even if the shelter hands you a medical record, get your vet to give your pet a check-up. Be aware of the medical history and needs of your second pet.

Is Your Second Pet Neutered?

When you get a cat or a dog from a shelter make sure that they are neutered. If you get a kitten or pup then you need to get them neutered once they are around 7 months of age. Getting your pets neutered is a responsibility that will keep your pet safe in the long run.

Are You Financially Ready for a Second Pet?

Whether it is taking care of pet med needs or giving them a proper diet, you need to have money. If you do not have the disposable income needed to care for another pet, do not get a new pet. Letting your pet suffer without food and medical care is not an option. You may have to return the animal to the shelter if you cannot afford it.

Are You Willing to Train Your Second Pet?

No matter how old your pet is, you have to put in some time behind training them. Your pet will help the process by leading by example. But you do need to have the time and patience to train your new pet.

Can You Take Care of Medical Needs?

You need to be aware of the medical needs of your pet. Different animals have different medical needs. Expenses of maintaining two pets are more. So, do not get a second pet if you are unsure of how far you can provide for their medical needs.

Can You Provide the Right Diet?

Different animals have different diets. You may need to modify the diet of your new pet depending on their dietary need. Just because your existing pet eats a kind of diet, do not force the other pet to have the same diet. Ask your vet the kind of food that your second pet needs.

What Do You Need to Buy Before Getting Your Second Pet?

Before getting a new pet home, you may need to invest in a few things. If you are getting a small animal you may need to set up an enclosure. If you get a cat or dog then you need to get them their own beds. You need to buy new harnesses and even a few toys to make your new pet feel at home.

If you think that you can provide for your second pet and everyone around you is ready for the situation, go ahead with the pet adoption.

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