Advantage II for Dogs
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Kills all stages of flea life (including eggs, larvae, and adult) within 12 hours
Kills fleas on contact, so they die before they bite your dog
Kills and protects against lice
Waterproof protection for a full 30 days
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    Advantage II for Cats
    • Kills fleas within 12 hours
    • Kills all stages of flea life (eggs, larvae, and adults)
    • Lasts for a full 30 days
    • Waterproof
    K9 Advantix II for Dogs
    • Kills fleas and ticks within 12 hours
    • Kills flea eggs, pupae, larvae, and adults for 30 days
    • Kills and protects against mosquitoes, which are the primary cause of heartworm
    • Protect your dog from a variety of disease carrying ticks
    Frontline Plus for Cats
    • Kills fleas and ticks within 48 hours
    • Kills flea eggs and larvae, preventing maturation and further infestation
    • Protection lasts for 30 days
    • Waterproof

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Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 240 reviewers.

  • The only one I trust
    Have used Advantage II on all my animals for decades..One season I tried a different flea tx with added protection & my one dog got extremely ill..We almost lost her!! I switched back after she recovered & none of my animals have ever had a negative reaction to Advantage II & I have never had an issue with fleas..I shouldn't have messed with something that was working..Lesson learned by on 04/06/2020
  • Dogs do well in the winter.
    This product protects from giving fleas a warm place in the winter and ticks a place to jump to. by on 11/28/2019
  • awesome product
    We deal with fleas on our side of the mountains and ticks on the other, since using Advantage for 12 plus years we have NEVER had a flea or a tick! by on 10/21/2019
  • Always satisfied
    I must have protection from Ticks because we live in a forest and there are deer. I rely on Advantage II and have not been disappointed. by on 09/10/2018
  • Advantix II Keeps the terrible Tennessee Fleas Ticks GONE
    Tick and Flea's in the state of Tennessee are terrible Only stuff found to really work Plus I do admit I do dust under bedding etc with Diatomacious Earth I am horribly allergic to flea bites so do everything possible. Prefer Natural but none work as well. by on 08/06/2018
  • My Pal Meds
    I feel my Pal Hilo is in good hands with your medication that we purchase for him. Thank Advantage II by on 07/27/2018
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