Finding the Right Cat Breeds for You The Best Cat Breeds for Every Household

Finding the Right Cat Breeds for You

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Cat parenthood is a blast, especially when you find a cat that meshes well with your living environment. Check out this guide to help you pick the best cat for your situation.

Owning a cat is a fun and fulfilling experience, especially when you’ve found the right breed for your home. Cat breeds and their respective traits vary greatly, and it’s important to consider that not every cat will fit into every environment. Do you have allergies? Are there small children in the house? Multiple pets? In the following articles we’ll look at these and other common qualifiers for selecting a new cat, and explore the breeds that will make for a perfect pet.

Hypoallergenic Cats for People with Allergies

Those who suffer from cat allergies often think that their condition excludes them from ever owning a feline friend, but this isn’t necessarily true. Many allergy sufferers live happily and comfortably with low allergen - or “hypoallergenic” - cats. While no breed is completely allergen free, hypoallergenic cats tend to produce fewer allergens than other cats. Cats with short coats or minimal shedding can also be tolerable for allergy sufferers, however you should always test your allergic reaction to a cat before bringing them home.

Cat Breeds Who Get Along with Other Pets

Sometimes it’s hard to stop at just one pet, and if you find yourself wanting to add a new cat to your furry family, you’ll want to make sure that the breed will get along with all of their animal housemates. Luckily, many cats love the companionship of other pets and get lots of enjoyment out of shared playtimes. For multi-pet homes, you should look for a breed that is social, easygoing, and non-territorial.

Cat Breeds for Families with Kids

Cats can bring a great deal of joy to homes with small children. Most children adore pets, and want nothing more than to give their pal a squeeze, pick them up in their arms, or enjoy a silly game. With this in the mind, the breed you bring home should be playful, gentle, and patient.

The Friendliest Cat Breeds

It would be difficult to find a cat who doesn’t like a good ear rub, but what about a personable cat who will offer lots of affection, greet you at the door, and lovingly follow you from room to room? Some cat breeds make better companion pets than others, and if you want a cat who will be by your side you’ll need to a find a cat who wants that too. The friendliest cats are “people cats” who thrive on human interaction and form close bonds with their owners.

The Most Self-Sufficient Cat Breeds

Cats have a reputation for being independent when in reality many breeds require a great deal of attention, interaction, and care. If you have a busy lifestyle or are short on free time, breeds like that will likely be unhappy in your home. In these situations a self-sufficient cat can make a great pet, and you’ll want to look for a breed that is perfectly happy to be left alone and that's low-maintenance when it comes to grooming. You may also want to consider an older cat who needs less attention than a brand new kitten.

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