Easiest Cats to Care For The Most Self-Sufficient Cat Breeds

Easiest Cats to Care For

While the common belief is that cats are independent and don't need to be doted on, the truth is that a lot of breeds are quite demanding. There are, however, a number of breeds that are fine without constant attention or grooming. Here are a couple.

Despite their reputation as laid-back and low-maintenance pets, many cats are actually quite demanding when it comes to the attention they need and the grooming they require. For people with busy lifestyles those cats can become a real problem, and that’s the last thing a pet should ever be.

Luckily, there are many cats who do just fine without regular interaction and don’t need much pampering. A self-sufficient cat can be the perfect pet to come home to when you don’t have the energy for lots of grooming or play after a long and busy day. Below are some breeds to consider.

American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is a low-maintenance breed known for its longevity, good health, and easygoing nature.

American Wirehair

A quiet and happily independent breed, the American Wirehair does not require much grooming and has been known to be resistant to disease.


The adorable and easily groomed Exotic is a very easy-going cat. They enjoy affection and interaction but do not demand it. Females tend to be more aloof.


The spotted Ocicat is very loyal without being clingy or demanding.

Russian Blue

The easy-to-care-for Russian Blue is a relatively calm and reserved breed that can be shy at first but will warm up and enjoy (but not demand) your company and playtime.

Scottish Fold

These sweet and adorable cats love human companionship but are just as happy to spend time alone gazing out the window or lounging on their favorite chair.

Tips for Having a Self-Sufficient Cat

Good Old Cats:

Consider getting an older cat who will require less attention than a younger cat or brand new kitten.

High-Maintenance Hairballs:

Stay away from longhair breeds that need a lot of grooming. The Sphynx, a hairless breed, also requires regular grooming in the form of baths.

Home Alone, Together:

If your lifestyle requires that you be out of the house for long periods of time, think about getting more than one cat. While you’re gone, a pair of cats can keep each other happy and entertained.

Play-cate Your Cat:

Even the most independent of breeds can still get bored, so make sure to leave plenty of stimulating toys around for your cat to play with, as well as scratch posts and cat furniture (such as condos) to keep their environment engaging.

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