How to Choose The Right Cat Breed For Your Family?


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All cats have common traits, but some breeds have specific qualities that make them more suitable for certain owners. If you are thinking about getting a pet cat, but do not know what breed to zero in on, here are a few tips to help you decide better.

Do you want an active cat?

The common myth that all cats are lay is absolutely not true. If you are a high energy persona nd want a pet cat that will match your energy, then there are a few breeds you can consider. Active cats are also more vocal than normal cats, so you need to factor that into the equation before you make your choice. Some of the most common high energy breeds include the Japanese Bobtail, the Abyssinian, the Sphynx and the Balinese.

Does the cat like water?

It is true that cats are not a big fan of water. However, there are a few breeds that do not mind water. Whether they are drawn to it naturally or just want to take a dip, there are certain cat breeds that debunk the baseless myth that all cats hate water. These include the American Shorthair, the Turkish Van, the Bengal, the Maine Coon and the American Bobtail.

Do you want your cat to fit in with your schedule?

Cats are not clingy and most of them prefer solitude over constant companionship. If you want an aloof breed that will not get anxious while you are at work, there are many different breeds you can choose from. This is something that you especially want to consider as you cannot bring a cat into your life and then ignore him. Some of the breeds that do not mind staying away from the owner for long periods include the Siamese, the British Shorthair, the American Shorthair and the Russian Blue.

Do you want a long haired cat?

Long haired cat breeds are majestic, but they also require a lot of grooming. You will have to find a good groomer and make sure that your brush the coat regularly. Bear in mind that long haired breeds cannot stay outdoors during the warmer months with all that fur. Picture wearing a jacket in the middle of July.

What about exotic cats?

Exotic cats are highly beautiful, but you need to consider the added responsibility before you bring one into your home. Unlike domesticated cats, these breeds are highly intelligent and extremely active. So don't get an exotic breed if you do not know what to expect. For instance, Bengals do not like being left alone as they have a demanding personality. If you are having trouble deciding on the breed, ask an experienced local breeder for more pointers.

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