Meet the Spotted and Elegant Egyptian Mau Cat What Makes This Breed Special

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Small Breed Egyptian Mau

Is The Egyptian Mau Cat Right For You?

  • 1 The Egyptian Mau cat is most known for their gentle and reserved demeanor.
  • 2 These attention seekers love people and tend to wag their tail when they become excited or happy.
  • 3 Egyptian Mau kittens must be socialized at a young age or else they may grow up to be fearful and shy.


Although they were only recently registered internationally, the Egyptian Mau is thought to be the descendent of the ancient African Wild Cat that once graced the palaces of the Pharaohs some 4,000 years ago. The Mau we know today was first officially bred in 1953 in Italy by an exiled Russian Princess who instantly fell in love with the cats kept by the Egyptian ambassador, from whom she procured a number of these spotted specimens.

Quick Facts

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    14 - 15 years

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    Hair Length


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    Litter Size

    An average of 4 kittens

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    Male Weight

    10 - 14 pounds

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    Female Weight

    6 - 10 pounds


Mau, which is Egyptian for "cat," are smart, polite, and devoted cats. Although typically a one-person cat, they are perfectly friendly, if not a bit shy, around others. Able to reach speeds up to 36mph, these are far and away the fasted domestic cats on earth, making them some of the most adept and effective hunters. A mild mannered cat, they do not typically meow like other cats, but rather elicit little titters to get attention. .


The Egyptian Mau comes in various attractive shades of smoke, bronze, and smoke with patterns of stripes or spots.

Health Concerns

Egyptian Maus can have some health issues such as:


The Egyptian Mau is a lovely, medium-sized, short-haired, well-built breed. They are, as it stands, the only domestic breed with naturally occurring spotted fur. Their hind legs are noticeably longer than their front ones, which enable them to be so much faster than any other domestic cat. Their large, green, expressive eyes are unlike any other domestic breeds, making them such a striking breed. Their coat is short, soft, and elegant, and the distinguished combination of spots and stripes make them a natural in the show circuit.

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