Meet the Oldest Hairless Cat: Sphynx Cat Information What Sets This Breed Apart from All Other Breeds

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Is the Sphynx cat good for you?

  • 1 The Sphynx cat is a well-known breed for the fact that it has a hairless coat, which in turn makes them hypoallergenic.
  • 2 The Sphynx is a natural acrobat, doing flips off of high places.
  • 3 Sphynx cats are as loyal as dogs, following their pet parents around with tails wagging.


Despite their name, the Sphynx breed is neither Egyptian or ancient. Instead, they are the result of a genetic mutation that happened in 1966, in a litter of kittens in Ontario, Canada, when one turned up completely hairless. The mutated kitten, aptly named Prune, was bred with other nearly hairless cats in hopes of spreading the unique, hairless genes. By 1978, a few naturally occurring hairless cats were found, and from there the breed was born. Originally known as the Canadian Hairless cat, the name was soon changed to Sphynx to make the breed seem more intriguing.

Quick Facts

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    Average of 14 years

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    Hair Length


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    Litter Size

    An average of 4 kittens

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    Male Weight

    8 - 12 pounds

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    Female Weight

    6 - 9 pounds


A friendly, investigative, and clever breed, the Sphynx is one of the ultimate attention hogs, lovingly known as a velcro kitty, because of the way they cling to their people. Getting along great with children, strangers, and other pets alike, the Sphynx is a very amicable breed. They are a very active breed and love to play at all hours. Also, thanks to their hairlessness, these cats have a tendency to get cold, but are smart enough to know all of the warm spots in your house, occasionally taking to sleeping under the sheets with their people. .


The Sphynx has no fur, therefore they are pretty limited in coloration. They can be all pink, white, black, or "tattooed," in which their skin is covered in spots or blotches of other colors.

Health Concerns

Sphynx are considered to be a robust breed and no health problems specific to the breed are reported. However, it is advised to pay particular attention in keeping their short coat and skin clean and supple.


A medium sized breed, the Sphynx has big, bat-like ears, a long tail, and a slender frame with a big belly. They have a sweet, curious expression on their face, and large, ovular eyes. Oh, and they also have no fur. Anywhere. No whiskers either. This makes these cats great for cat people that are allergic to the very objects of their affection. Also, they never need to be brushed, and you will never find clumps of fur on your sofa, and hairballs are a rare occurrence.

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