Getting a Kitten? Here's How to Find the Right Breed



Finding the right new kitten is about as great as... well, coming home with a kitten! Is there anything to compare a furry bundle of joy to?But kittens grow into cats, and what kind of cat best suits your household? One with lots of fur to brush and a penchant for napping in your lap? Or a cat who'll hardly ever need to see a comb and who prefers to use your bookshelf as a jungle gym? Perhaps you're looking for a talkative cat, or one that's known for their ability to be trained to do tricks?Take a look through our

cat breed guides

, and find out more about:


The Friendliest Cat Breeds

From the American Bobtail to the Siamese, these cats are lovers of people.


Russian-BlueThe Easiest Cats to Care For

These cats, including the American Shorthair, Russian Blue, and Scottish Fold, aren't in need of much pampering -- just a little love and they'll be happy.



Rare Cats You May Have Never Seen Before

Want to be the envy of the block? These kitties, like the Korat and Ocicat, are rare beauties -- if you can find them.


OrientalBeautiful Black Cat Breeds

Lots of different cat breeds can come in black, and some are always black. Meet the Bombay, Oriental, and more.


Ragdoll5 of the Sweetest Lap Cats

You'll be hard pressed for alone time if you have a Persian, Ragdoll, or another of these lap-loving cats -- but we bet you'll enjoy the company just as much as they do.


Persian-WhiteAll-White Cat Breeds

Frosty cats will fit right in the winter windowsill this holiday season. Learn more about the Himalayan, White Persian, and more.   Cat-Breed-Guide
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