Meet the Fun and Lively American Bobtail Cat Why This Breed May Be a Perfect Choice for You

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Small Breed American Bobtail

Is The American Bobtail Cat Right For You?

  • 1 The American Bobtail cat is most known for their intelligence and alert personality.
  • 2 Their pleasing, fun loving, and lively attitude make them a perfect pet as well as great friends to other pets.
  • 3 American Bobtails tend to be protective of their family similar to how a dog would be.


As a means of finding a way to live in a feral environment in Arizona, the American Bobtail came about because of natural selection in the later part of the 20th century. Also, being a fairly new development in the cat world, the American Bobtail has only been recognized as a pedigreed breed for 24 years by The International Cat Association (TICA) and the Cat Fancierโ€™s Association (CFA).

Quick Facts

  • img

    Medium, Large

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    15 years or more

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    Hair Length

    Medium, Long

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    Litter Size

    An average of 5 kittens

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    Male Weight

    10 - 14 pounds

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    Female Weight

    8 - 11 pounds


Known for their intelligence and awareness, the American Bobtail is a fun, active, and friendly pet that traditionally gets along well with other pets and children. They may look feral, or even wild, but their demeanor is anything but. Sweet and playful, these cats are down to play games for hours or just lay around on the sofa. .


The American Bobtail can be white, black, blue, red, cream, chocolate, lavender, cinnamon, and can be found in a number of different patterns, such as shaded, tabby, tortoiseshell, lynx, calico, or mink.

Health Concerns

Some American Bobtail cats may have bad hips. Tailless American Bobtails, called rumpies, often have corresponding spinal problems and issues with controlling defecation.


Named for their trademark stump of a tail, the American Bobtail is most unique for being the spitting image of another breed that they have no ancestral ties to, and comes from thousands of miles away: the Japanese Bobtail. American Bobtails are medium to large breed cats that are somewhat boxy in their build. They can be found in both short and long-haired versions, and can be seen sporting a wide variety of fur patterns. Lastly, thanks to the American Bobtailโ€™s dense musculature and athletic build these cats have a tendency to be much heavier than expected.

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