Meet the Bombay Cat, a Gorgeous Silky Black Breed What This Breed of Cats has in Common with Dogs

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Small Breed Bombay


  • 1 Bombay cats are an active breed who prefer warm climates and the indoors.
  • 2 They do well with other cats and children, making them great family cats.
  • 3 The Bombay cat is intelligent and constantly seeks human interaction.


Despite what their name may suggest, the Bombay cat hails from Louisville, KY, where they were first bred by a woman looking to make for herself a breed that had all the characteristics of a panther. A cross between a black American Shorthair and a sable Burmese, the Bombay was so named for their similarity to the black leopard, found predominantly in India, and as such, named after the famous Indian city of Bombay (now Mumbai).

Quick Facts

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    15 - 20 years

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    Hair Length


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    Litter Size

    An average of 6 kittens

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    Male Weight

    8 - 11 pounds

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    Female Weight

    6 - 9 pounds


The Bombay cat is a smart, friendly breed that craves human interaction. They are wary of unknown areas, and are reluctant to go outside. When in a familiar environment, however, this breed loves to play and is great with other cats and children. Some Bombay cats can be quite talkative, while others less so, and when they do, they have a wide range of voices. .


The Bombay cat is always black.

Health Concerns

The average life expectancy of Bombay cats is 13 โ€“ 15 years. Health problems specific to the breed are not reported.


The defining characteristics of the Bombay cat are their smooth, shiny, black coat and their stunning, copper eyes. A medium sized cat, this breed has a round, almost flat face with medium sized ears. Their body is not too skinny, and not too wide, and their tail is medium length as well.

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