How to Care for a Kitten The Basics of Kitten Care for the New Pet Parent

How to Care for a Kitten
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Kittens are an interesting bunch - cute, funny, and a whirlwind of destruction all at once. Because of their predilection to get into trouble, we as parents need to make sure they stay safe.

Kittens are a delightful combination of curiosity, cleverness, and troublemaking. Thanks to the Internet, they’ve provided millions and millions of people around the world with workplace distractions. Long before the Internet, though, cats and humans shared living quarters. For more than 5,000 years, these feline companions have rid our houses of mice and other pests, and have brought us company, companionship, and love. In return, we need to make sure our cats and kittens stay healthy and safe.

Making Sure Your Kitten is Healthy

In many ways keeping kittens healthy is a fairly simple task. Safeguard your home by removing toxic elements. Get your kitten on a healthy diet and be sure to watch for any signs of illness. Find out more about the essential tasks that will set you on the right path to raising a healthy and happy adult cat.

Getting the Right Kitten Vaccinations

Some vaccines are required for kittens, some are recommended, and some are optional. Know your options. Be sure to meet all the deadlines for beginning vaccines, and schedule follow up visits for boosters.

How to Train a Kitten

...Yes, that’s right. Training your kitten. While some things seem to come naturally to many cats, like going inside the litter box if you're lucky, other things may need to be taught. Kittens may be trained with repetition and rewards. Positive reinforcements will encourage desired behaviors, and with a little creativity, you can discourage undesirable behavior without punishment.

What to Feed a Kitten

Cats are carnivores, which means they rely on meat sources for they nutrition. Too much grain, and even too many veggies in their diet, can cause stomach discomfort or digestive problems. There are options for just about every budget, every lifestyle, and the finicky tastes of every kitten.

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