The Pet Food Trends You Should Watch Out For

The Pet Food Trends You Should Watch Out For

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Pets usually spell big money. The pet food industry costs a bomb. The US is the leading country in pet food production and influences trends in the industry worldwide. Most pet trends mimic human trends as it is the human that ultimately makes the choice for their pet.The raw food revolution will continue to gather support; in the meanwhile, here are some other pet food trends to look out for-

  • Humanization of pet food โ€“ There is a growing demand for pet food that resembles human cuisine including its ingredients, aroma and product names. Retailers have already caught on to this trend, offering pet food i.e. seasonal, home-made and with free from/clean labels.
  • Premiumization of pet food โ€“ The trend for locally sourced, traceable and premium ingredients will dominate the pet food market in the time to come. There is a growing need for pet food recipes that are simple, natural, gourmet and made with authentic ingredients. They must also be high on protein, vegetable content and contain super foods.
Kinds of pet food-
  • Raw meats and treats โ€“ Freeze dried raw meats have already entered the pet food market. They form a part of the โ€œcompleteโ€ food section and are rehydrated before feeding a pet.
  • Single Servings โ€“ Cats are notoriously fussy eaters. Single serve wet cat foods have been designed keeping their food leanings in mind. These are available in a plethora of flavors so the cat can decide which appeals to them.
  • Insect Proteins โ€“ There has been a growing interest in the use of insects as an alternative source of protein. A limited number of pet foods already incorporate insect proteins into them. The need for a sustainable cheaper source of pet nutrition is slated to increase this manifold.
  • Home Delivery โ€“ The home delivery of pet food is about to become a reality. Now you can order both your and your petโ€™s food online. Pet food delivery services offer customized, fresh and home-made, quality pet food conveniently to your doorstep.
  • Micro-targeted and Functional pet food โ€“ Pet food marketers are dividing the market into separate categories of specialized target customers with specific nutritional needs. These sub-groups include age, breed, size, activity level, indoor v/s outdoor, type of fur, allergies and other chronic health conditions.
  • Preventative pet food โ€“ Like for human food, pet owners are investing upon pet food that will prevent illness in their pets and promote pet health.
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