Meet the Playful and Unique Japanese Bobtail Cat Why This Breed is a Beloved Icon in Asia

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X-Small Breed Japanese Bobtail

Is The Japanese Bobtail Cat Good For You?

  • 1 The Japanese Bobtail cat is a very loving and loyal pet to their family members.
  • 2 They easily get bored and prefer to be surrounded by humans or other pets.
  • 3 Japanese Bobtail kittens tend to be more active at a younger age than other cat breeds.


Dating back centuries, the Japanese Bobtail has been the subject of many watercolors and paintings, sitting next to geishas, sporting their trademark pom-pom tail. Seen in restaurants and store fronts the world over, the Japanese Bobtail was used as the inspiration for the maneki-neko -- the seated cat with one paw raised and the paper lantern in their lap. They were first brought to North America in 1968 and recognized for competition purposes in 1979.

Quick Facts

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    14 - 16 years

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    Hair Length

    Short, Long

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    Litter Size

    4 - 6 kittens

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    Male Weight

    7 - 10 pounds

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    Female Weight

    5 - 7 pounds


The Japanese Bobtail is a very smart, active, and loving breed that loves their family and is not afraid to let you know. They are a very talkative breed, but unlike other breeds, their voice is not abrasive, but rather songlike. They love to play and are quick to learn how to play games. Because of their enhanced intelligence, they can get bored easily and will seek out their owners for another game. They love being the center of attention..


The Japanese Bobtail can come in a variety of lively colors like calico, white, black, red, black and white, and many more.

Health Concerns

They are strong, healthy cats that are relatively free from breed related diseases.


A spectacular specimen, the Japanese Bobtail makes for a wonderful show cat. Average in size, with a sculpted body, long legs, pom-pom tail, and silky fur, this cat is simply gorgeous. They have a triangular head with high cheekbones and big doe eyes, making them a real sight to behold. The model for a number of different statues throughout history, it comes as no surprise that this breed could inspire art.

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