Meet the Colorpoint Shorthair Cat, a Beautiful Cousin of the Siamese Why This Colorful Cat is Special

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X-Small Breed Colorpoint Shorthair

Is The Colorpoint Shorthair Good For You?

  • 1 The Colorpoint Shorthair breed is a loving, loyal, and talkative breed.
  • 2 They are very sensitive to their ownerโ€™s mood and often follow him or her around the house.
  • 3 Colorpoint Shorthairs are very intelligent and enjoy playing games, especially fetch.


A hand-crafted descendant of the Siamese, the Colorpoint Shorthair was first bred in the 1940s when a group of breeders decided that the Siamese would look good in red. They were bred with red American Shorthair tabbies, resulting in the Colorpoint Shorthair. They were first recognized as an official breed in 1964.

Quick Facts

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    Small, Medium

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    12 - 18 years

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    Hair Length


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    Litter Size

    An average of 4 kittens

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    Male Weight

    7 - 9 pounds

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    Female Weight

    5 - 7 pounds


The Colorpoint Shorthair, aka โ€œVelcro Kitties,โ€ are called as such because of the way they like to stick right by the side of their owner. They are quite intelligent as well, and quite vocal, capable of feeling their parent's vibes and responding to how they feel with love, or space, or wanting to play. They are outgoing cats and make a loyal, wonderful companion..


The Colorpoint Shorthair can be seen in three different base colors (solid, lynx, or parti) and have points colored cream, red, blue, chocolate, tortie, lilac, seal, and other color combinations therein.

Health Concerns

Colorpoint Shorthairs are sturdy and well built, but highly sensitive to anesthetics, so any intrusive surgery should be undertaken only under a competent veterinarian. Some cats might be vulnerable to:


The Colorpoint Shorthair is known for their wide array of possible โ€˜pointโ€™ colorings, along with their base coloring, which is similar to that of their Siamese ancestry. They are a medium sized cat that has a thin, athletic frame, with a long neck and large, pointy ears. Their short coat is shiny and tends to get darker as the breed ages.

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