Cats 101 Everything You Need to Know About Cat Parenthood

Cats 101

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So you want to get a cat? Great! Here are a few things to know before you make the leap, plus a bunch of interesting facts about cats. Enjoy!

So you finally decided to get a cat. Maybe you just moved out of home, are living alone for the first time, and want a little company. Maybe you don’t have the space for a dog but want a furry companion. Whatever the reason, there are a few things you should know before taking on the responsibility of caring for a cat. While they are markedly simpler to look after than their canine counterpart, cats still require basic looking after if they are going to live a long and healthy life. Here in our “Cats 101,” you can find information to shine some light into the corners of cat ownership and all the little responsibilities that it entails.

9 Questions to Ask Before Adopting a Cat

Cats are so low maintenance. All you need is to feed them twice a day, right? No! Like any other pet they require a certain level of care, and if you aren’t in a position to provide it then the role of cat parent is best left for later. Here are a few things to consider before making the leap.

Finding the Right Cat Breeds for You

Did you know that different breeds of cats have different temperaments and grooming requirements? Depending on your living situation, a certain breed may suit you better than another.

The Top 5 Misconceptions of Owning a Cat

If you are on the fence about cat ownership, this article should clear up a lot of what might be dissuading you from making the leap. For someone who has never owned a cat, your perception might be dictated largely by myths and misconceptions. Cast off your shackles and learn the truth!

Litter Box Training for Your Cat

Thought you were just going to plop your new kitten down next to their litter box and they would know just what to do? Wrong! Unless you want a confused cat and a living room full of waste, read this article and avoid this comically routine foible.

How to Treat a Cat’s Wound

What do you do if your cat has a cut on one of their paw pads? What justifies a visit to the vet? Your cat cannot tell you how bad the cut is, so read up now and save yourself some panic later

Maintaining a Healthy Cat Weight

Just because Garfield could eat all the lasagna he wanted, doesn’t mean your cat should be scarfing down plates of people food. Cats may seem like they moderate their portions, but give it a few months and you will be staring down one chubby kitty. Check this article out if you are worried about your cat’s weight.

All About Cat Hairballs

Hairballs. They are for real. If you haven’t heard your cat start hacking up fuzz yet, just wait. There are ways to try to prevent them, and more ways to simply cope with them. These articles will help you understand what it is your cat is doing, and how best to deal with it.

How to Wash a Cat

Cats are constantly cleaning themselves, so you will probably never need to give them a bath, right? Guess again! While they do a pretty good job, there will come a time when your cat climbs up on your lap, brushes against your face, and you realize that they smell funky. Learn how to give your cat a bath the safe way, otherwise you may have to stock up on Band-Aids.

How to Train a Cat

For the new cat owner with some extra time to burn, there are ways to teach your cat to follow commands. Not an endeavor for the faint of heart, training a cat will take all of your cunning and patience. However, the results will far surpass your initial investment. Learn how, and impress all your friends with your ultra obedient cat!

Spaying or Neutering Your Cat

Certainly one of the less pleasant decisions to be made by any new pet parent, spaying or neutering is nevertheless an important one. There are a few things you should know before you decide. This article will shed some light on the advantages of having your pet sterilized.

Caring for Your Cat After Surgery

Sometimes cats need surgery and just like anyone else, they are probably a little sore and need some extra help doing everyday things. Be prepared for what your kitty-on-the-mend might need by reading this article.

Everything You Need to Know About Senior Cat Care

Cats, like people, also get old. And, like people, they can’t do things they used to be able to. Help your cat gracefully approach their golden years by learning what to expect from your geriatric kitty.

Congratulations! You made it through “Cats 101.” Hopefully you learned a few useful things and are now prepared to begin your life as a proud cat parent.

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