Meet the Rare and Cuddly American Curl Cat Why This California Native May Make Your Perfect Companion

American Curl cat photo
X-Small Breed American Curl


  • 1 The American Curl cat loves people and serves as a great companion.
  • 2 American Curls are known for their gentle approach to other pets and adaptability to any situation.


Dating back to the early 1980s, the first American Curl, Shulamith, was found on the streets of Lakewood, California, and made famous for her strange curled ears. After a few years of genetic analysis, a number of litters of kittens with curled ears were traced back to Shulamith, and thus the American Curl was recognized as a veritable breed in their own right.

Quick Facts

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    Small, Medium

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    15 years or more

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    Hair Length

    Short, Long

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    Litter Size

    3 - 5 kittens

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    Male Weight

    7 - 10 pounds

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    Female Weight

    5 - 8 pounds


American Curls have one of the most pleasant dispositions of any cat breed. They get along great with other pets and children, making them an ideal family cat. Slow to mature, the American Curl tends to exhibit kitty-like behavior late into their life, making them fun to play with for years and years. This innate curiosity makes the American Curl one of the most "under-foot" of all cat breeds as well. If you like a cat whoโ€™s not afraid to follow you around, the American Curl is for you. .


The American Curl can come in almost any color or pattern under the sun.

Health Concerns

The American Curl is normally a strong and healthy breed and has very rare chances of getting affected with the kind of genetic disorders that the rest suffer from.


Besides their trademark curlicue ears, the American Curl has a strong, medium-sized body, fine-textured coat, and walnut-shaped eyes. Their fur can be long or short, does not require much grooming, and can come in a wide variety of patterns. Born straight, the curls in their ears develop a few days after birth, and after three or four months, are fully curled.

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