The Cat Brush Buying Guide 7 Cat Brushes That Will Improve The Cat Grooming Process

The Cat Brush Buying Guide

A gathering of the best cat brushes to keep your feline friend free of loose hairs and excited for the next grooming day.

Cats are the notorious self-groomers, often caught in the act of cleaning themselves. A natural cat bath is great but did you know that your cat also requires regular brushing for optimal skin and coat health? For a short-haired breed once a week may suffice but long-haired cats can benefit from daily brushing with the right cat brush.

Brushing your cat is beneficial as a way of bonding with your feline friend and getting them comfortable with your touching, which can make your next visit to the vet go more smoothly. Moreover, the regular brushing of your cat pulls off shedding fur in a neat manner that keeps your home cleaner. Brushing also boosts your cat’s skin health by massaging oils to the surface. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for any critters attached to the fur as you go. Here are some of the best brushes to get the process started.

Cat Brushes


Safari Complete Cat Brush

  • The Safari Complete Cat Brush is perfect for keeping cats well groomed and looking great
  • The combination of a soft slicker and bristle brush promotes a healthy, shiny coat, remove mats, tangles and loose hair and helps reduce shedding

Gripsoft Double-Sided Cat Brush

  • A double-sided brush that can work on knots and matted fur and also groom the finest hair
  • Tease out snarls and tangles with the pin brush and use the bristle side to bring out the shine of the coat
  • Ergonomically correct tool uses less pressure to manipulate the tool

Zoom Groom Flexible Cat Brush

  • Zoom Groom brush collects loose fur and massages your cat at the same time
  • The unique rubber design is comfortable for your cat’s skin and your hand
  • Stylized to look good sitting on your grooming table

Ultimate Touch Cat Slicker Brush

  • The Gentle Ultimate Touch Slicker Wire Brush is specially designed for cats to eliminate all unwanted hair with a gentle touch
  • Used by veterinarians for cats with sensitive skin or fine hair
  • Removes unwanted, loose hairs

Groom 'n Comb

  • Self-grooming aid loved by cats
  • Can help reduce cat hair in the home and on your clothes
  • Fill the grooming area with catnip and watch your cat self-groom

Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush For Cats

  • Safari self-cleaning slickers save you valuable clean-up time -- with the touch of a button, the pins retract, hair falls away and the pad can be wiped clean
  • The comfort grip handle and stainless steel pins provide excellent grooming results with minimal effort

Safari Shed Magic Deshedding Tool Cat

  • Decrease your cat's shedding by brushing weekly with the Safari Shed Magic De-Shedding Tool
  • Shed Magic removes loose hair and debris, and can also reduce the irritants that cause allergies to pets
  • The ergonomic design allows for a more comfortable grip

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