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Best Tick and Flea Control for Dogs and Cats Chart

Finding the Best Tick and Flea Control and Prevention for Dogs and Cats

By January 01, 2011 | See Comments

flea control for dogs

Use this convenient chart to compare the best tick and flea control for dogs and cats and figure out which will work best for your pet.

What do you do when it you need tick and flea control for dogs and cats? Every product reports to be the best flea and tick medicine for dogs and cats on the market now, like Advantage II or Comfortis, but picking the right one for your pet can be tricky! And dealing with ticks and fleas on dogs or cats can be enough of a headache as it is. We'd like to simplify the process for you with this convenient chart.


K9 Advantix II
for Dogs



Monthly; topical

Frontline Plus
for Dogs & CATS



Monthly; topical

for Dogs



Monthly; topical

Advantage II
for Dogs & CATS



Monthly; topical

for DogS & CATS



As prescribed; Oral

Seresto Flea and Tick Collar
for Dogs & CATS



8 Months; collar



Compare Flea, Tick and Heartworm Medications

These medications require a prescription.

for Dogs



Monthly; topical

for CATS



Monthly; topical

for Dogs



Monthly; oral

Advantage Multi
for Dogs



Monthly; topical



How PetPlus Can Help

Whatever medication you choose, PetPlus can help. All of the best flea and tick medicine, from Advantage II to Trifexis, can be purchased through PetPlus, and for a fraction of the price you will find anywhere else. PetPlus is a membership program that is designed to make keeping your pet protected and healthy affordable for anybody.


revolution has stopped working................what to do?


It would help on large and giant size dogs that the weight spread was not so much,example 55lbs and up or 88 lbs to 132 lbs . That's a huge spread. Use to little not enough ,the whole thing and it's overkill.


I too live in Georgia on 2 acres outside Atlanta ,with woods and a pond and although we really don't have fleas so much as the dang ticks! Any of the products above do ok but K9 Advantix on my male German shepherd at 110 lbs ,freak when I use it and it burns his skin in addition we have noticed seizure like behavior almost as if he"s drunk or stroke starting at 4yrs. Very scary and have witnessed only 4 but us and vet are trying different combinations of administering heart worm and flea and tick . We recently spread application of flea med 2 weeks after heartworm hoping this would stop them but this past month after I put Pet Armour on him 2 days later it happened again. Fibro products seem to be culprit but Advantix sets him on fire and blisters skin! I dare not give him anything internal so I am pretty much at a lost. Next I'll try collar but his fur is really dense. My Jack Russell has no problem with any topical maybe a little irritation from K9 Advantix. Anyone used collar where the ticks are dense!


Thanks so much!


I have been using these products for more years then I can count and I am over 50 and have never had issues with my pets. Now "natural" products on the other hand are more expensive and not as effective and have their own set of "dangers". Vets are human and yes can take money to "Promote" one over the other products but if you trust your vet and you research the product yourself then the chances of anything going wrong are slimmer then if you use it blindly.


I have two dogs and two cats, the vet recommended Seresto for all of them. I was a skeptic at first but said what the hay nothing else worked all the time. We went to Ohio to visit family and within minutes of getting there a relative had really severe grass fleas and the dogs were infested. Within 10 minutes after leaving all the fleas were dead. I had never seen a product kill anything that fast. My animals will always have these collars on as they are cheaper than 8 months of treatments.


The best flea med that I have found is one called Sentry. Quality Farm and Fleet sells it and it stopped the constant itching that my poor dog had overnight. It's been a week since I used it and she hasn't scrated since.


I am confused as to which flea tx is the better for my cats. I have used Advantage, Revolution & Frontline Plus, and they all seem to work well, as long as I use it before bad flea infestation starts and maintain monthly treatments throughout summer. My concern is long term effects. Unfortunately, I can find no other way to keep my fur babies flea free. Someone told me years ago that Brewers Yeast added to their food will help, but my kitties can always taste ANYTHING I try to mix in their food and will not eat it. Also, knowing cats have an allergy to yeast, makes me think that's not the best idea. I have made the mistake in trying some cheaper spot on treatments and regretted it because it didn't work and caused problems for kitties such as balding in area where applied. I wish I could find a way to do a comparison chart in regards to ingredients, effectiveness & long term affects.


K9 advantix II for dogs is ALWAYS what I use! I have tried Trifexis, frontline and pet armour with much disappointment. Buying those brands some times saved me a couple of bucks, but the quality was so bad that I ended up going back to the pet store to buy k9 advantix. . So it's better to buy the good stuff first time around.
I live in Georgia with a German Shepherd, so having good flea medicine is a big deal.

Giving your dog a bath before applying flea medicine always helps too.
I hope this info helps someone!


I used Frontline plus for years and then all of a sudden my little guys were all bit up. So I did some research and switched to Advantage helped! I don't recommend Advantix cause it has permerthrin which is the same as the pesticide you put on your lawn, it's deadly to cats so I wouldn't dare put it on my dogs. But I'm thinking of trying the soresto collar.....I've heard some good things from people that use it on their pets.


This check-box approach doesn't tell you which treatment is best. Front Line and Pet Armor only partially work. They didn't kill all of the fleas and they just kept coming right back. A friend that is a vet tech told me that their veterinarian only prescribes Comfortis. So I tried Comfortis and the flea infestation stopped cold and never came back.
For all of the people that want natural remedies, I would suggest calamine lotion. It helps with the itching, which is essential, since homeopathic remedies don't actually kill the fleas.


Last year we tried Bravetco pills. IT's one pill for three months. This will kill the fleas once they get on the dogs but won't get rid of the fleas in the house. IT's pricey with 4 dogs. Here in SC the one pill is $49 for one dog. They do not make it for cats. The important thing to remember is that certain types cover certain things. Some only kill the adult flea, some the eggs ....This winter we have been 20+ degrees higher then normal for over the past 2 weeks. I have a feeling that the fleas, ticks and Skeeters are going to be horrible. After the huge flood in Oct we had to pay a professional to come out and spray the property. When one of the dogs would go out to go potty they would be litteraly covered in skeeters. This is going to be a long expensive year with all these little critters attacking our babies.


Yes I understand. I have the same problem with my dog. He is biting himself 1 hr later after I have given him a bath to kill all the fleas. I'm very frustrated


A flea I radiator said to treat your yard with a product called TALSTAR available from Amazon


Tried fipronil. My poor Dog was biting his skin the next day and 30 days later had to give him a bath every other night to remove the fleas


I didn't see First Shield Trio either,,,now i'm confused, i don't know what is best or what to use,,,so what you use for your dogs?


The old flea dips, not the modern application or pills. The greatest cause for the cancer in reference is smoking.


Some of these have different active ingredients which not every dog will respond the same. I've tried FrontlinePlus on my pug and it was not very effective at all. She had no relief in one week whatsoever and she was more miserable than the week before when I first gave it to her. I called the vet for advice. According to my vet, I had to wait 3 weeks to give her a different topical but that I could get Capstar in the meantime (for my dog, vet said one pill every three days). The Capstar was awesome in killing adult fleas, but it doesn't do anything to larvae, pulpae or eggs. The adult fleas were gone in a half hour. And so, per vet order, I kept that up during the 3 weeks. After when it was time, I bought Advantix II. The vet said that I could continue to use the Capstar every three days if I still saw adult fleas but to stop giving the Capstar if I didn't see any adult fleas- by three days after the first dose of Advantix II, the Advantix should kick in and it did. This was the only combination that worked for my pug. After this happened, I stayed with the Advantix II and not one flea since or tick either. It's been two years. My pug is only three years old. I have had three pugs. Two did well on Advantix II and one did well on FrontlinePlus. It just depends on what WORKS for your pet but like most medicines, etc, you have to try it to see what does work. I too would love to find a natural remedy than using pesticides, but I have not found one that I feel comfortable in trying. My pug tolerates the Advantix, so I'm staying with what works. Yes, one has to be careful in application, dose etc, but sometimes dogs get sick because pple don't follow directions, get the wrong size dose for the dog's weight (or worse, split a dose between two dogs), or use too many products too close together, or put it where they can reach it (to lick it).


The last two years we've been battling fleas like no other time in our 20 years in this house. The reason... our squirrels. We have a wooded lot and always enjoyed our squirel friends. But over the past 5 years are so they are cutting down the wooded areas and building housing tracks, so the squireels are being squeezed into smaller areas. Which means more fleas on our property. we treat for fleas outside but when your neighbors don't they just go over there and come back ready to feed on my babies. I've tried topicals and they never did much good. When you have 4 dogs and a cat, I don't mind spending more as long as it works. Tried natural ways but also no luck.


my friend started using vectra on her two dogs last month, and the flies won't die. It's a nightmare!


I have been struggling with fleas on my 3 cats for about a year and a half. I live in Sacramento California and thought I had rid myself of them over last summer. They came back with a vengeance due to a very warm winter. I had been applying Frontline plus for about 5 years on all the cats. It only gives them relief for 3- 4 days and I am finding different sized fleas on them. I apply the medicine every 2 and 1/2 weeks.The cats are being tortured and so are we. We have been using Flea sprays on the rugs, bedding and furniture, we have been washing all bedding twice a week and Vacuuming every couple days. The cats are miserable and wake up every hour or so to try and itch and since the three cats sleep with us, we get woken every 20 minutes. We even put baking soda and salt for three months on all our floors and carpets. We have tried the herbal remedies including formulations with eucalyptus sage rosemary and thyme. It might make a good song but are completely useless against the fleas. We live in an old Victorian ( spooky ) and the attic has roof rats, possums and squirrels living rent free although I do "bomb" the attic twice a year. I put out poison one year but the sight of baby squirrels teetering on the fence posts made me rethink that and I have not done the poison since. This is the reason I have at least 2 different type of fleas, one carried by rodents and one more accustomed to dogs and cats. Since we are close to the Sierras we occasionally have plague outbreaks. I ordered the cheapest Hartz Ultra Guard flea collars 2 weeks ago and have finally found peace. The active ingredient is Tetrachloravinphos. is it safe?


Any information about Vectra 3D? We switched to that last year for our Scotties. I am not seeing S-methoprena on the ingredient list.


"Also, PetArmor Plus for dogs contains S-Methoprene, just like Frontline Plus, which prevents flea eggs from hatching and growing." He said Pet Armor Plus. Either you didn't read his comment properly, Or you don't actually know what you are talking about :)


Suspicious of all flea/tick preventatives. Cancer rates in dogs/cats have risen dramatically since using them. They are insecticides, right? And we are putting them on our pets! Why not use all natural ingredients which I have found on line through some web sites? I am open to other opinions & proof that these are not harmful to our family pets.


Thanks for your comment. S-methoprene is indeed in Frontline Plus. We've included the active ingredients as per the manufacturer, and s-methoprene doesn't appear in Pet Armor. We do our utmost to offer the most popular flea and tick options out there, and all our products are EPA approved.


no Karelian Bear Dog?

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  • marbisi

    10/20/2013 1:28:26 PM

    no Karelian Bear Dog?

  • guest

    12/5/2013 7:09:21 PM

    A leading Entomologist with the U.S.Dept. Agri. advises that the product (to kill fleas and ticks) should contain S-methoprena. I'm not seeing this in any of the ones mentioned. I know only three brands that actually have it, beeing: Frontline Plus,Pet Armous Plus an Fipro Guard . That's it. Should they not be mentioned here? Any reason they are not? I have admittedly have not read all the articles on this web site, only the chart. So they may very well be elsewhere. I'm just saying your wasting your money if the product does not contain the above mentioned ingredeint. I too am an Entomologist.

    • Kat at PetCareRx

      12/9/2013 6:40:43 PM

      Thanks for your comment. S-methoprene is indeed in Frontline Plus. We've included the active ingredients as per the manufacturer, and s-methoprene doesn't appear in Pet Armor. We do our utmost to offer the most popular flea and tick options out there, and all our products are EPA approved.

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