Flea and Tick Questions, Answered Everything You Need to Know

Flea and Tick Questions, Answered

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Many pet owners have heard of them, but don't really know much about fleas and ticks. We're here to help educate pet parents on how these pests operate, where they come from, how they harm your pet, and how to prevent and get rid of them.

Spot on treatments like K9 Advantix II, Bravecto spot-on treatment for cats, and Frontline Plus have become popular among many pet parents. They're affordable, work well, and kill adult fleas and ticks as well as stopping the life cycle of the younger parasites. But what are you really protecting against? What are fleas and ticks? How do they work, where do they live, what do they do, are they all that scary?

You've asked, and we've answered. Scroll through to find answers to your top flea and tick questions. If you have a question that hasn't been answered, leave it in the comments below. We'll add an answer as soon as possible!

Flea Basics

What are Fleas?
You've got to know the enemy before you can defeat it! Learn everything you could ever want to know about fleas here.

Fleas and Lice: What’s the Difference?
An exploration of the similarities and the differences between lice and fleas and how both affect your pet.

How Fleas Jump (And How High!)
Fleas are some of the most exceptional jumpers on the planet. Here’s how they do it.

What Do Fleas Look Like?
How to recognize a flea in every stage of its life, including when it is in larval form.

How Flea Collars Work
Learn how flea collars work and decide if they are right for your pet.

What Temperature Do Fleas Flourish In?
Fleas like warm climates, but is there such thing as too warm for those pests? Find out here.

What is Flea Dirt?
Flea dirt is flea feces. Find out what it means for your pet’s health here.

What Diseases Do Fleas Cause?
By not protecting your pet, you are putting both them and yourself at risk.

Tick Basics

What are Ticks?
Information on different tick varieties, the tick’s life cycle, how to find a tick on your pet, and much more.

What Diseases are Caused by Ticks?
A list of diseases caused by ticks, including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

How Ticks Bite
Ticks use their mouths to transmit dangerous diseases. Learn about the process here.

What Do Ticks Look Like?
The differences in appearance between hard ticks, soft ticks, and several different types of tick species.

What if My Dog Eats a Flea or Tick?
Find out what could happen to your pet if they ingest one of the pests that has been bothering them.

Medications, Treatment and Prevention

Do I Really Need Flea and Tick Protection?
The short answer is yes! Protect your pet from fleas and ticks to keep them healthy.

Do I Need to Protect My Pet After Flea Season?
We recommend you protect your pet year round. It will make a difference!

What is Comfortis?
Learn about Comfortis, an FDA-approved chewable flea pill for dogs.

Does Cat or Dog Breed Matter When Choosing a Flea and Tick Product?
While the breed of your dog or cat doesn’t matter when choosing a treatment, the size of your pet does.

Will I Overmedicate My Pet if I Mix Flea Meds?
Read and follow the package instructions for any and all medications you give your pet.

How Do Flea and Tick Treatments Work?
Find out how the treatments you use on your pet actually work.

Dealing with Fleas and Ticks

How Do You Stop a Flea Infestation?
Advice for how to remove fleas from your pet, as well as how to de-flea your house and yard.

How to Remove a Tick
A step-by-step guide for how to remove a tick from your pet.

Which Are More Revolting: Fleas or Ticks?
Both of these pests are disgusting. Read here to find out which one is the worst!

What Does a Flea Bite Look Like?
Learn how to recognize a flea bite on your pet.

How to Check for Fleas
When in doubt, brush it out! Here’s how to check to see if your pet has fleas.

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