Learn About Cat Personalities Selecting the Cat Whose Traits Match Yours

Learn About Cat Personalities

Not all cats like to cuddle, not all cats like to be picked up, and not all cats like to play for hours on hours. What kind of cat best fits your personality?

What traits are you looking for in a cat? Companionship or independence, a love of cuddling or a desire to play, or a pet who will keep up with your pace -- lazing around or high-energy? While each cat is unique, the breed can be a good indicator of the animal’s temperament, interests, and personality type.

Affectionate Cats

Looking for a pet to cozy up with? Consider these breeds:

American Shorthair: This medium energy cat enjoys companionship and a good cuddle session.

These travel- and lap-loving companions do well with other pets and kids.

Colorpoint Shorthair:
These loving cats enjoy sticking right by your side.

This gentle, shy, affection-loving cat could be your next cuddle buddy.

Norwegian Forest Cat:
As your number one fan, this cat will cuddle, play, and demand plenty of attention!

Looking for a pet you can really pet? Usually, these cats are always ready and willing.

Want a cat that will walk on a leash? Learn tricks? Be devoted to you and your family? This may be the breed for you.

Sphynx: They’ll greet you at the door, try to be at the center of your attention, and sleep under the covers with you—what more companionship could you ask for?

Active Cats 

If you're seeking a playmate, a travel companion—someone to keep you on your toes, these cats may be a good fit for you:

Abyssinian: Want a loyal and high-energy pet? These guys stay one step ahead and tend to be affectionate.

American Bobtail:
Loving and active, these cats do well with families.

These on-the-go adventurers generally like children and other pets.

Easy-going by nature, this breed will play—and play nice with other animals in the home.

This type of cat generally plays, comes in for up-close attention, and is agreeable with other pets and children.

From hunting and exploring outdoors to playing with toys and moving around the house, these high-energy cats make good company for other cats and children.

Munchkin: These diminutive cats enjoy toys, a good romp around the house, and companionship from adults, children, and other pets.

Your new shadow: This type of cat will follow you around—to stay active, not necessarily to be pet.

Somali: These outgoing creatures require space for exercising and play, desire lots of attention, and get along with pets, people, and kids.

Friendly with other animals and kids in the home, this breed enjoys play and is bound to become attached to their family.

Cats That Enjoy Their Alone Time

While they’re not necessarily loners, these cat breeds don’t need as much human attention and may make a good fit for busy households:

Chartreux: Well behaved yet not very vocal, these cats adapt to the environment of their homes and can be by themselves just fine.

While active and affectionate by nature, these independent creatures do not beg for much attention.

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