Hero Cat Saves Dying Woman's Life



Rarely do we hear about a "hero cat," but when we do it makes for an amazing tale. ย The story of how Slinky Malinki saved his owner from the jaws of death is proof of that.

The Hero Cat's Origins

Janet Rawlinson, a former nurse,was put on morphine for her

chronic back pain. However, her reaction to the medication ended up being far more severe than her back pain ever was.After slipping in and out of consciousness for 5 days, Janet began to lose her grip on reality. On the fifth day, when she fell into another morphine induced stupor, her normally timid and aloof cat, Slinky, intuited that there was something seriously wrong.RELATED ARTICLE: Learn About Cat Personalitieshero-cat-2

Showing a kind of quick response one might expect of a hero cat, Slinky rushed over to the neighboring house and began tapping at their window to get their attention. Once the neighbors noticed the cat, they sensed his urgency and followed him back to Rawlinson's home. There they found an unconscious Janet.โ€œThey got in through the back and managed to wake me up. My neighbour said he thought I was dead,โ€ Janet told a reporter at the

Lancashire Telegraph


The Aftermath

Now back home, safe and sound, Janet has noticed that Slinky has been much more cautious around her."He sits on hills beyond the house and he watches out for me going into the kitchen.ย If he doesn't see me go in for a couple of hours he will come into the house and find me, and if I donโ€™t see him he will tap me on the leg or arm until I respond."

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After news got wind of Slinky the hero cat, he has been nominated for a hero award by the Cats Protection's National Cat Awards in London. If he manages to take the prize -- and he is the front runner -- he will be eligible to win the prestigious National Cat of the Year title.Last year's winner was Jessi-Cat, a

service pet that helps a Manchester boy cope with his Asperger's Syndrome. Source:Lancashire Telegraph -ย CAT SAVED MY LIFE: Hero pet taps on neighbourโ€™s window after owner collapses
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