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Your cat in its subconsciousness continues to be a feral, untamed animal. It has an instinctive urge to claim things and places by leaving scent. Most of these territory markers are done by simple scratching or rubbing. The cat may urinate on a few places to do the same. You can teach your cat not to urinate on things to stop marking territory.The cat's scent is vital to that cat. It is the means through which the feline communicate. To give an example, if a cat comes home after a long stay away, then the other cats will give it a good sniffing before it could be accepted to the family again. For cats, leaving a scent is equal to leaving a calling card.

Rubbing and scratching

Cats possess scent glands on cheeks, flanks, and paws. They rub against your leg, doors, and chairs to impart their personal scent on the object. Other cats can then know that you are the property of another cat. It is a subtle way of telling other cats to back off. In areas with multiple cats, this is an excellent way to divvy up territories.The cat leaves scent by scratching too. The scent glands are positioned at the feet pads. Do not punish your cat for this natural behavior-they cannot help it. It is an excellent idea to buy a scratching post so your cat does not scratch the furniture.


This takes two forms: spraying urine on the vertical surfaces and urination on the horizontal surfaces. The spraying occurs when a cat reverses to any vertical surface with an erect tail and squirts urine. The tail quivers while urinating. Regular urinating is peeing on furniture and the floor. Both sexes do spray and squat. Urine marking is not a litter box problem.

Reason for urine marking

Your cat may do urine marking for multiple reasons. Medical issues constitute a primary reason for such behavior. Urinary tract infection in male cats could be the source of the fault if the cat suddenly stops using its litter box. It could spend a considerable period of time licking its genitals. A few cats could howl in pain to let you know of its pain.Mating behavior could be yet another reason for spraying in cats. The easiest solution to stop this is to get the cat neutered or spayed before it reaches five months' age. In case your cat is not neutered, fix this problem as soon as you possibly can. Neutering solves most issues, even the long-standing ones. Longer waits mean the issues will be more ingrained. Other than mating, stress could also constitute another factor for your cat marking territory with urine.

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