Four Adorable Things Cats Do That Will Want You to Adopt One Right Away

Four Adorable Things Cats Do That Will Want You to Adopt One Right Away

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If you are in two minds about adopting a cat or you haven't yet said an emphatic 'yes' to taking home a new-to-the-world kitty from a just-delivered litter by your friend's feline pet, let's take you through the perks of owning your very own cat. We're not going to discuss how independent cats are, how clever, or how they can make you a YouTube star, but aim straight for your heart, and tell you just how adorable they can be. In a cat owner's home, the 'awwww' moments always keep coming!

Rolling over on their back

What does a cat do when it wants its belly rubbed? It rolls over and gazes at you with those amazing speckled green eyes. For cats who are acclimatized to humans and understand perfectly well that the gesture will have many hands reaching out, you can expect a lot of rolling over moments. These are great photo opportunities, so make the most of them.There's another reason why a cat may roll over into its back. This action indicates that she is relaxed and in a completely comfortable mode. A good body language cue to strangers that it's fine to go up to her and pet her!

Rubbing against you

Rubbing is one of the classic signs of a cat marking its territory and declaring its ownership....of you. Cats use their scent glands to communicate with other cats, whiff out mates, and establish territorial ownership. These glands are primarily located on the face, tail and the side of the body. So, when a cat slides its face against your hand or rubs against your legs, it is trying to leave its unique scent on you. But that's not the only scientific explanation.Cats will also rub up against each other as a


of greeting or welcome; this is especially true for wild cats who meet after a long hunt. That means if your feline companion rubs up against your legs or hand when you come home after work, he is happy that you're back and receiving you with affection.

Hiding in the most impossible spaces

Cats love to hide, and this is down to two reasons. One is that they are generally inquisitive creatures who seem to be investigating their own dexterity and acrobatic skills. Another, they can be scaredy-cats (pun intended!), running to the nearest hiding space to make themselves invisible whenever they are frightened.The adorable bit is when you discover your kitty under the bedspread, at the back of your closet, in the laundry basket, on top of a kitchen cupboard, inside a kettle, or even in a flour bag. The mix of awe, joy and consternation you feel is priceless, and so is the look on your face!

Purring sweetly

When a cat is happy, it purrs! Sometimes, sick or injured cats may purr to relieve their own pain. That's because the sound is soothing to these creatures, and helps in self-restoration and self-healing. In fact, you can also see cats sitting next to their injured friends and purring as a way to help them feel better.

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