How Much Water Should Your Cat Drink


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Cats are creatures that crave comfort. When it comes to comfort, what most cat owners think about is tasty treats and soft beds. These are important but whatโ€™s even more important is proper hydration. Donโ€™t skip out on this aspect of our catโ€™s health.It is important that she hase a full, clean bowl of water every day. A few most common questions concerning hydration are how much water is safe for your cat to drink per day and how do you make sure that sheโ€™s getting enough water?Water consumption depends on a number of factors including the time of the year, the size of your cat, and diet. Generally, a catโ€™s water needs depend on the amount of food that sheโ€™s consumed and whether that food was mainly canned or dry cat food. Dry food requires more water to stay hydrated. An average cat requires approximately 44 to 66 ml water per kg of her body weight.

Ways To Check Whether Sheโ€™s Getting Enough Water
  1. Skin elasticity: Gently pull your catโ€™s scruff (the skin at the base of her neck.) If the skin doesnโ€™t spring back upon release, your cat might not be properly hydrated.
  2. Shiny Coat: If your catโ€™s coat doesnโ€™t have any dry flakes, itโ€™s a good sign of hydration.
  3. Physical Activity: If your catโ€™s not overly lethargic, this is a good indication that sheโ€™s well hydrated.
  4. Urination consistency: If your cat is urinating 2 โ€“ 3 times, a day, sheโ€™s getting enough water.
Ways To Encourage Her To Consume More Water

Itโ€™s usually a difficult ordeal to make cats drink water. You can lead her there but you canโ€™t always make her drink. Proper water consumption is critical to your catโ€™s health. Water helps prevent illnesses like Feline Urological Syndrome. Try these few methods to increase her water consumption.

  1. Sprinkle a bit more water on your catโ€™s canned food for that extra hydration. Donโ€™t do this for dry food as this may cause it to spoil.
  2. Plastic water bowls tend to leave behind a taste that cats arenโ€™t a big fan of. Try using stainless steel or glass bowls instead.
  3. Refresh and clean your catโ€™s water bowl every day. Sheโ€™s more likely to drink from a clean bowl than a dirty one.
  4. Tap water generally has more chlorine. Your cat might not like the taste so it is better to avoid it. Use filtered water instead.

Pay attention to your catโ€™s water intake. Drinking too little or even too much water can be an indication of illnesses like bladder infections, diabetes, tapeworm infestations, and hyperthyroidism. If you notice drastic changes in her water consumption levels, call your vet immediately.

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