The Cutest Cat Breeds Around Kitties to Melt Your Heart

The Cutest Cat Breeds Around

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All cats are pretty adorable creatures, though some may prefer to be thought of as distinguished predators. But these cute cats may take the cake for absolutely sweet traits.

Soft, cuddly, furry, and fluffy -- cats are some of nature’s cutest creatures. A number of breeds stand out as particularly adorable, and these “awww”-inducing felines are hard to resist. If you want a cat who will melt your heart with just one look, consider one of these charming choices among the cutest cat breeds.

British Shorthair

The teddy bear-like British Shorthair is a large cat with big, round eyes. These cats have soft, dense coats, and are most often seen in the blue-gray variety. British Shorthairs are sweet, people-oriented cats, though they are usually not fond of being carried.



The fluffy blue-eyed Birman is an enchanting cat available in a rainbow of colors, though all Birmans have one special feature -- white paws. This gentle and loving breed is easy to handle, and gets along well with other pets.


A relatively rare breed, the Chartreux is a bulky cat with shimmering copper eyes and a waterproof blue coat. Their most famous feature is a narrowing muzzle that gives the impression of a permanent smile. The Chartreux is highly intelligent and adaptable -- they are comfortable with travel and don’t mind being alone. These very affectionate cats often choose to dote on one special member of the family.

Exotic Shorthair

This famously flat-faced breed epitomizes cuteness. These cats are soft and round, and their adorable stumpy noses and endearing facial expressions make them one of the most beloved breeds. The Exotic is not only cute, they are also very agreeable cats with a calm and gentle disposition. They make excellent lap cats, and do not like being left alone for long periods of time.


The Persian and the Exotic Shorthair share all of the same charming features with one exception -- the Persian’s long and heavy coat. These snub-nosed cats require regular grooming to reign in mats and tangles that can be a side effect of their thick, flowing fur. The Persian is a very composed and quiet cat who loves to be petted and pampered.


Large and laid-back, the Ragdoll gets their name from their docile temperament. These cats are extremely well-behaved, and tend to be more interested in humans than many other breeds. The Ragdoll will greet you at the door, follow you around, and sleep on top of you -- basically, they like to be where you are. These cuddly and easy to care for cats are perfect for people with busy lifestyles.


Tiny animals can be irresistible, and the Singapura is no exception. These little cats are the smallest of all the domestic breeds, weighing in at just 5-6 pounds for females and 6-8 pounds for males. These active, outgoing, and loving cats have a habit of following their owners around, garnering them a reputation as “pesky people cats.”

Scottish Fold

The friendly and devoted Scottish Fold is best known for one darling feature -- a pair of folded ears. This unique attribute gives these cats the appearance of an owl or teddy bear. Scottish Folds are very active and playful cats who stay lively into adulthood.

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