What Kind of Pet Parent Are You: The Lover, the Trainer, & More 5 Common Types of Pet Owners

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There are different kinds of pet parents out there, but the question is, which one do you happen to be? Are you a cuddle-loving snuggler or a strict trainer? A bit of both?

Just like their pets, pet parents come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. You might be the type of owner who prefers a game of fetch over a cuddle session on the couch, or you might be the type who would buy an adorable outfit before a training book. Chances are, you fit into some type of category, and the more you know about yourself as an owner, the better pet parent you can be. So what kind of pet parent are you?

The Lover

For some pet parents, ownership is a total lovefest. Wet kisses and couch cuddles are the norm, and when you look into your pet’s admiring eyes, your heart feels complete. The Lover is the type of pet parent who will make their little dear the background image on their cell phone, buy a bumper sticker proclaiming their love, and have their pet’s picture framed on their office desk. They might get some chuckles from non pet-parents, but they don’t care -- they know that as the poet Anatole France once said: “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.”

The Trainer

The Trainer is a pet parent who means business. From day one they started training their pet to obey their commands and look to them for leadership. These pet parents usually have all the best training products -- from books and clickers to treats and no-pull leashes. Their pet is probably the best behaved on the block, and for good reason -- they put the work in. Feeling like you need to catch up with this type of pet parent? Get started with these 20 basic commands.

The Spoiler

Does your pet have the best toys, the best bed, and best food on the market? Do you find yourself showering your pet with treats “just because?” If so, you might fit into The Spoiler category. These parents pamper their pets at every turn with indulgences such as gourmet food, pet clothes, primping at pet salons, and holidays at pet hotels. There’s nothing wrong with giving your pet the best of everything, but remember to balance it with healthy exercise and regular training. Your pet will love you even more for it!

The Best Friend

Pets are social creatures, and therefore most don’t mind becoming a constant companion. Pet parents who fall into The Best Friend category like to be with their furry pal whenever they can. They might bring their pet along with them when they go on errands, visit friends, or take a vacation. They might prefer to spend quiet nights in reading with a warm lap companion, or watching a movie with a fuzzy head on their shoulder. This type of close bond is one of the most gratifying parts of pet ownership, and The Best Friend knows it.

The Athlete

The Athlete is all about action. They take their dog on runs, set up agility courses for their cat, and like to spend warm afternoons throwing a frisbee or taking a swim with their favorite furball. These owners usually find themselves with high energy pets like the Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, Airedale Terrier, Pointer, Bengal cat, or Abyssinian cat. These owners not only have healthy lifestyles, they also have healthy relationships with their pets.

So, what kind of pet parent are you? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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