The 2013 Pet Healthonomics Report: Survey Results 3 out 4 Pet Parents Are Concerned About the Rising Costs of Pet Healthcare


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PetCareRx began the Pet Healthonomics study to discover how much the rising costs of pet healthcare are affecting US pet parents. Our results show just how impactful these rising costs are and how pet parents are finding affordable pet care.

In August 2013, PetCareRx began a study of hundreds of pet parents that showed how the rising costs of pet healthcare are influencing pet parents’ lives and lifestyles. The initial findings proved just how important a conversation about navigating the rising costs of pet healthcare is, and the survey was expanded to over 1,000 pet parents.

2013 Pet Healthonomics Report

New insights into the real effects of pet healthcare costs have come to light, including what pet healthcare spending area is most affected by income, and just how dramatically costs can rise when a pet is diagnosed with a chronic disease or condition.

Pet parents are adapting to manage these costs and seek affordable pet care, and PetCareRx is evolving to meet the needs of a pricier, higher-stakes pet healthcare landscape.

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