The Cost of Cat Boarding: Economical to Luxury Cat Kenneling Options and Costs

The Cost of Cat Boarding: Economical to Luxury

Since most cats aren't travel enthusiasts, pet parents end up boarding a cat when going away on a trip, and it helps to understand cat boarding costs beforehand. Here are some great boarding options available to pet parents, depending on how much they are willing to spend.

You might think that cats make good travel companions because of their size, but the fact is that most felines aren’t too fond of life on the open road. This is because cats are creatures of habit, and they don’t much appreciate changes to their routine. Fortunately, there are some good options for having your cat cared for while you are away, and in most cases they will offer some sort of routine to get your cat into the groove. Of course, the question on every owner’s mind is: what will it cost? Here we’ll look at the cost of cat boarding and other options for temporary cat care.

Option #1: Kennel or Cattery

A kennel that houses both dogs and cats, or a cattery that houses only cats, are your two most basic options when it comes to boarding. These types of facilities typically provide routine care, including meals, water, a place to sleep (usually a cage with bedding), and litter box cleaning.

The Cost: The cost will depend on your geographic location (prices may be higher in some cities) and the specific kennel or cattery that you choose. Common pricing for overnight boarding in a kennel or cattery is $15-$20 per night. Some facilities may offer discounts for long-term stays or additional cats.

Option #2: Cat Hotel

There’s nothing wrong with a little indulgence now and then -- your favorite feline deserves it. If you are looking for a more upscale boarding option, consider a cat hotel. Cat hotels are luxury facilities that specialize in posh accommodations and exceptional services. In a cat hotel you’ll find comforts such as deluxe beds, grand condo play areas, televisions, window perches, aquariums, and more.

The Cost: Just like with a kennel or cattery, the cost will depend on your geographic location and the hotel you choose. Many cat hotels also offer a choice between shared rooms or individual “apartments,” which cost more. A common starting price for an overnight stay in a cat hotel is around $40, but you can expect it go up from there. Some cat hotels offer discounts for long-term stays or additional cats.

Options #3: Pet Sitter

If your cat really doesn’t tolerate changes to their routine, a pet sitter is a wonderful option. Your cat can bask in all of the comforts of home, and a pet sitter will stop by several times a day for feedings, litter box cleaning, and playtime. Most pet sitters can also be hired to stay overnight, and will do things like water your plants and collect your mail for an additional fee. To find a cat sitter, ask for recommendations from your veterinarian, or search the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and Pet Sitters International.

The Cost: The cost will depend on what you need from your cat sitter as well as their experience and qualifications. A cat sitter may charge $15-$40 per day to stop by the house, depending on how many stops you need. Overnight stays will cost more.

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