Celebrating World Spay Day


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Every year, an estimated 6-8 million homeless pets will enter animal shelters across the United States. About sixty percent of these animals will be euthanized. As horrible as these circumstances seem, there is a solution. Getting your pet spayed or neutered is a 100% effective way to ensure that their offspring will not contribute to the growing number of homeless companion pets.This is the message behind

World Spay Day

, the annual campaign supported by the Humane Society. World Spay Day shines an international spotlight on the benefits of spay/neuter -- a proven way to prevent the overpopulation of companion animals, feral cats, and stray dogs.As a responsible pet owner, it is highly recommended that you get your pet spayed/neutered early on in their life. Not only does this prevent unwanted litters, but it is also good for disease prevention, good behavior, and cleanliness. Learn

all about spaying and neutering dogs and cats

.If you haven't already, make an appointment at a local vet or clinic to get your pet spayed/neutered today.

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