Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day? Funny, Helpful, and Important February Pet Holidays



Everybody loves a reason to celebrate, and when your pet is the focal point of the day, all the better! With the new month comes a whole slew of pet holidays, so get your party hats and your dancing shoes on, because February is choc-full of pet celebrations:

All Month Long

Pet Dental Health Month

When was the last time you brushed your pet's teeth? Vets state that 75% of the cases they see have ties to dental disease. That being said, February is dedicated to helping you remember that your pets have teeth too, and they need to be looked after just the same as yours. And while you cannot just pop some Crest on a toothbrush and start scrubbing out your dog's mouth (since human toothpaste is dangerous for pets), there are a ton of measures you can take to ensure that your dog or cat's mouth does not become a health concern. So, this month make an effort and clean those teeth!RELATED STORY: Most Pets Already Have Signs of Dental Disease by Age 3 or 4

Spay/Neuter Awareness Month

This month, shelters and pet health organizations are touting the importance of having your pets spayed or neutered, in hopes that people have their pet sterilized before the warmer months, when pregnancies tend to occur.

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Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month

A pretty straightforward premise -- this holiday advocates for the adoption of rescued rabbits. Some of the unsung victims of abandonment, there are thousands of rabbits sitting in shelters right now waiting for their forever home. Will you take up the mantle and save a rabbit?

National Prevent a Litter Month

Similar to spay/neuter awareness month, this month-long observance serves as a reminder that unchecked pet pregnancy is the reason there are so many pets left without homes.

Week-Long Events

Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week: February 7-14

In an attempt to raise awareness for dogs chained up outside during winter months, this week is a time for people help get these dogs in from the cold. Some send literature, others mail handmade valentines -- there is no wrong way to spread knowledge.

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National Justice for Animals Week: February 16-22

Unable to stand up for themselves, the pets and animals in the US often need a human advocate if they expect to receive better treatment. This week is a time for all of us who care deeply for our four legged friends to spread the word about the importance of animal advocacy.

Single Day Events

Pet Theft Awareness Day: February 14

Pet theft happens -- people take unsuspecting pets right out of their own backyards and sell them for a profit. A horrible reality for many pets and pet parents, this practice is something people are largely unaware of, but thanks to this holiday, awareness can spread and pet parents can be better prepared.

Love Your Pet Day: February 20

February 20th is a day dedicated to remembering all the things about your pet that you love! Sometimes we lose focus on what makes our pets so special, but on this day, take a step back and think about all the great stuff your pet brings to the table. It's also a great excuse to pamper your pet!

Walking the Dog Day: February 22

February 22 is Walking the Dog Day (which is not to say that you donโ€™t need to walk them every day). This is a special celebration dedicated to reminding you how important this daily ritual is -- and not just for your dog. This day is for realizing that walks are not a chore; they can be a great bonding experience.

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International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day: February 23

While we may see bone-shaped treats as a cookie gone wrong, to our dogs they are a true delicacy. This is a day for celebrating the greatness that is the dog biscuit, and how important they are in helping show our dogs how much we truly care.

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World Spay Day: February 25

Yet another February holiday dedicated to having our pets sterilized, this day is specifically focused on furry females who are often overlooked in terms of being fixed. The Humane Society champions this day, and advocates spaying as the most effective way to curb the ever growing pet population.

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