Explaining Nocturnal Behavior in Cats




Cats are naturally nocturnal creatures. If they had their way, they would sleep all day and play all night. The only problem is from the owner's perspective as they have to deal with their cats running around all night and jumping up on things. Thankfully, this behavior can be changed through some training. If your cat's keeping you up at night, here are few tips to train them to fit your schedule:

Play with it during the day

Changing your cat's sleep schedule can be fun for both parties. All you have to do is wake him up early in the morning and tempt him with his

favorite toys

. Do this again after you get home from work. Stop your cat from snoozing throughout the day and evening, he will eventually have to change his schedule due to sleep deprivation. Experts suggest that the behavior will change in 10 days or 2 weeks max and everyone gets a good night's sleep.

Eating schedule

The same goes for eating. When owners first get a cat, they are cajoled into waking up at night and feeding their cats because it's hungry. While your pets needs are important, this encourages the wrong behavior. Set regular feeding times for your at during the day and your cat will eventually understand that 3 am is not feeding time.

Playing when you aren't around

Since quitting your job to play with your cat is not acceptable, you kitty will need to be stimulated when you aren't around. Otherwise, it will fall asleep and all your hard work will be ruined. To entertain your cat when you aren't around, leave a bunch of toys around the house that the cat can play with. You can also buy a fun food dispenser that gives out treats when your cat plays with it.

Sneak up on it

Now that you have changed it's sleeping schedule, your cat has to understand that sneaking up on you is not okay. The best way to teach it, is to spray it with water or make loud noises. When your cat jumps on you at night, spray it with water and go back to sleep. If you've successfully managed to lock your cat outside your bedroom door but it's still jumping around outside, open the door quickly, spray it and shut the door immediately. Your cat will get with the program after a few sprays and you can sleep in peace.

Never be aggressive

It is understandable that you want to yell at your cat sometimes but when your training, never be aggressive. No hitting , yelling or harmful behavior as they tend to develop hostility between cats and owners. The aim is to change your cat's behavior through positive reinforcement and sometimes, mild negative reinforcement. Don't be outwardly aggressive.

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