How Much Should Neutering a Pet Cost? How the Procedure Can Be Less Expensive Than You Thought

How Much Should Neutering a Pet Cost?

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Want to do your part in helping to keep the pet population low, but feel the cost of neutering your male cat or dog would just be too expensive? We've comprised some helpful tips on how to locate the most cost effective places to get your pet "fixed." Find out more here.

There are many advantages to neutering your male cat or dog. These benefits include positive behavioral changes, prevention of disease, and lowering the population of unwanted dogs and cats in your community.

Given its importance, you’ll want to know how much this relatively straightforward procedure costs. Below, we’ll give you an idea of what neutering a pet should cost, and how you can locate discount neutering services in your town.

What is Neutering?

With your dog or cat under general anesthesia, a veterinarian will surgically remove his testicles. It’s best if this is done around 6 months of age. Allow a few hours for the procedure and also plan on several days for recovery for your pet. Neutered pets are more likely to put on weight, so you may need to talk to your vet about adjusting portions accordingly.

What are the Benefits of Neutering?

Many cats and dogs have reduced aggression toward other animals after the procedure. They also tend to be more affectionate toward their owners. Neutered cats usually stop spraying urine around the house or yard to mark their territory.

Since a cat or dog’s testicles are removed, these organs cannot develop cancer later in life.

Most importantly, your neutered pets can’t impregnate other animals. This reduces the overall population of cats and dogs, giving shelter pets a greater chance of being adopted. Of course, this could also help keep the peace with your neighbors.

How Much Does Neutering Cost?

There are many variables that influence the cost of neutering. The part of the country you live in, the age and health of your pet, the breed of your pet, and where the procedure takes place all help determine the cost.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $55 to $300 dollars to neuter your pet. Factors like obesity in a pet can add $25 to $50 to the cost. Blood work to check kidney and liver function before neutering might add $40. Pain medications could cost an additional $15.

Be aware that spaying your pet at your veterinarian’s office could mean paying in the higher price range, while neutering at your local Humane Society, SPCA, or animal shelter could be considerably cheaper.

Finding Discount Neutering

To locate cheaper neutering services, contact your local Humane Society or SPCA. Even if these organizations don’t provide discount neutering in your community, they’ll likely be able to direct you to someone who does. The Humane Society also provides an easy to use search function on their site that allows you to find discount neutering in your area.

Vets in your region may also offer discount neutering as a way to aid the community and to attract new patients. Check your phone book or do a web search to locate a vet that provides discount neutering. You can also ask your vet if they allow the cost of neutering your pet to be spread over several payments.

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