5 Ways Dog Neutering Makes Your Pet Healthier

The Key Benefits of Neutering Your Dog

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Making the decision to neuter dogs today is more common now than ever before. Learn more here about how neutering your dog can not only make your pet healthier, but happier as well.

There are many myths about neutering dogs — like that it will cause your pup to gain weight or diminish his watchdog skills. In reality, dog neutering is a simple surgery with many benefits to your dog’s health and behavior. Here are five big advantages:

1. A Reduced Risk of Testicular Cancer: Neutering is a sure way to guarantee that your dog will never get testicular cancer. With the removal of a dog’s testicles, the possibility of getting testicular cancer is removed. 

2. Other Medical Health Benefits: Removing the risk of testicular cancer is not the only health advantage of neutering — it also helps to reduce the possibility of an enlarged prostate during old age, and accompanying prostate problems. The risk of perineal hernia is diminished as well.

3. A Decreased Urge to Roam: For an unneutered dog, the need to find a female dog for procreation is a primal force. After neutering, a dog will no longer feel the desire to break free of your home and roam, even if he senses a nearby female in heat.  

4. No More Sexual Frustration — Or Its Accompanying Symptoms: Remove the discomfort of a dog that mounts any available objects in a pantomime of sexual activity. Neutered dogs do not feel the desire to mate, so they won’t have the habit of mounting and humping inanimate objects and people alike.

5. Improved Overall Behavior: As well as reduced sexualized behavior, a neutered dog’s overall behavior may shift as a result of the procedure. Neutered dogs tend to be less aggressive with other dogs — and people. Dogs will no longer feel the need to mark their territory through urination.

And one more important advantage: neutered pets can’t add to the population of homeless or unwanted pets already in shelters today. See more on what to expect when your dog gets neutered.

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