How Understanding Animal Psychology can lead to Better Pet Care

How Understanding Animal Psychology can lead to Better Pet Care

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Understanding our animals is a big part in caring for them. Unlike humans, they canโ€™t use speech or language to communicate their thoughts so itโ€™s up to us to decipher what theyโ€™re trying to tell us through the things they do and the way they act in general. In order to keep our pooches and our kitties in good health, we have to be able to read the subtle signs and little noises that they make.We already know that cats are very different from dogs. While dogs are more playful and express their love for their owners freely, their feline friends tend to be more on the introverted side. They donโ€™t tend to give their love freely and it would seem as though we kind of have to earn it. Cats and dogs are very different not just in behavioral terms, but also in physiological terms. Cats are obligate carnivores which means that they need to have a different, more specific diet than dogs do. Dogs pick up on and follow commands more easily than cats do. Theyโ€™re more welcoming of change and arenโ€™t uneasy around people they donโ€™t know.If you have guests over, youโ€™ll realize that your dog would greet your guests, tail wagging, as soon as he sees that thereโ€™s no danger and that theyโ€™re just friends. Your cat on the other hand, retreats to her corner and watches from a safe distance, only interacting when she sees fit.

The connection between animal welfare and understanding animal behavior

Simply put, weโ€™d do much better understanding our beloved pets if we had a better idea of what was going through their heads. In todayโ€™s society, there is a lot of importance thatโ€™s given to the research into animal psychology. U.S Law requires that your animals are not just healthy, but that theyโ€™re also happy. They require your pets to be of good psychological health. Taking care of our animals without the proper knowledge is nearly impossible. Sure, you could read signs and cues here and there but how far can you get?Animal behavior researchers are learning more and more about animal behavior and psychology by looking at results from both fields as well as labs, to better understand how the minds of our furry little friends work.Animal welfare is already an industry that is prosperous and pretty advanced. More advancements in animal welfare will only arrive when more input has been given on the psychological front by researchers and specialists assigned to this case. We all love our pets, no doubt in that. But to care for them more thoroughly, we have to have all the behavioral information as well.

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