Keep Your Pooch Safe During Your Super Bowl Bash

Keep Your Pooch Safe During Your Super Bowl Bash

Whether your friends are coming over to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday or they're just there to check the Puppy Bowl during commercial breaks, it's important that you take steps to protect your four-legged friend from the potential dangers of your get?-together. Here are a few things you should keep in mind so that your dog can enjoy the festivities without getting sick or stressed.

Keep the salsa, guacamole and dip awayย 

Not only is eating human food unhealthy and a bad habit that can lead to gastrointestinal distress, but salsa, dip, and guacamole also often contain ingredients poisonous to dogs. Onion, garlic, tomato skins, and avocados are toxic andย dangerous for dogs. They can cause serious intestinal blockage, vomiting, diarrhea, or even breathing trouble.ย Dairy-based dips may be less poisonous, but can lead to a serious stomachache andย gas.Protect your dog from this Super Bowl staple by placing your dip on a high surface that your dog can't access and won't be tempted by. Additionally, give your pooch a treat or toy to chew on during the game, so they won't be overly distracted by the wafting aromas of your snacks.

Watch the door and make sure your dog has their tags onย 

With lots of guests coming over, it's easy for your dog to sneak out an open door. This underscores the importance of making sure your pooch has a good collar on and accurate tags in case they sneak out and need to be identified by a vigilant neighbor or law enforcement officer.The best defense is to make sure your dog doesn't get out in the first place. Consider placing your pooch in a secluded area when guests first arrive, so that they don't sneak out and guests can meet them in a calm environment.

Give them a quiet retreatย 

When your friends are laughing at the commercials and cheering for the game, a Super Bowl party can get loud quickly. You don't want your pooch to become scared by the sudden, unexplained noises and large crowd in your living room, so give them an option to escape somewhere quiet.Whether you set up a puppy play area in your bedroom or a comfortable space in the finished basement, your dog should have a place where they can go to feel safe from the noises. If youย notice your dog getting scared by the noises, take some time to go and comfort them.

Watch your guests' belongingsย 

No matter how much you try to train your pooch, sometimes they just got toย chew a shoe. recommended that hosts keep this in mind and protect guests' shoes from a curious dog. Additionally, keep your guests' coats somewhere they're less likely to get covered in dog hair .

Keep a clean house

After the big game, you may want to see your friends out the door then head right off to bed, but it's important to clean up first. Everything from half-empty cups of beerย to chicken wing scraps are appealing and dangerous to your pooch. Pick everything up and ensure that your dog won't end up with any leftovers that could hurt them.When you're having guests over your house, you'll want your dog to be flea- and tick-free, too. Use your

Frontline Plus for Dogs

,ย even in the dead of winter.

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