Most Popular Dog Names: A State by State Animation From Buddy to Bella, All the Most Popular Names for Dogs

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Like baby names, names for dogs get more popular in waves. Curious about what other people are naming their dogs? Track the trends with our helpful gif marking the most popular dog names in America from 2004 to 2012.

Ever get the feeling that every dog you meet is named “Buddy”? It seems hard to believe that so many people would choose the same pet name, especially given the wide range of acceptable ones—you’ll likely never meet a baby named “Cupcake” or “Patches,” but for dogs these are fair game.

We took a look at the information shared by millions of our customers over the years to see which names are popular, and when. It seems like, on the whole, we prefer to stick to what we know rather than get too crazy with our dogs' names.

Buddy, Max, Bailey—these are some of the names that pop up all across America. Since time immemorial, we have been taking Buddy out after dinner for a walk around the block, or brushing out Lucy because her fur is getting too matted.

However, there is an anomaly in this list: Bella. Hardly worth a mention before 2005, Bella took the world by storm after the publishing of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight. The protagonist's name, Bella, caused a dog-naming revolution. So, as it happens, pop culture can have a substantial impact on how we name our pets.

What is your favorite pet name? Let us know in the comments below!

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