How to Be a โ€˜Greenโ€™ Dog Parent

How to Be a โ€˜Greenโ€™ Dog Parent

Want to become a more 'green' pet parent but afraid that it will be too expensive and add more work to your busy schedule? We beg to differ. Come learn some easy and inexpensive ways you and your pet can help make the environment cleaner.

Being a pet parent, while rewarding and full of joy, can also be expensive and full of confusing purchasing choices, especially when it comes to trying to be a ‘green’ dog parent. Figuring out how to be green in your own life feels overwhelming enough! Embracing a green lifestyle for your pets can seem doubly challenging.

However, becoming a more ‘green’ dog parent doesn’t mean making anything more complicated or even more expensive. You and your pet can become better citizens of the world together and have fun doing it!

Top Five Ways to Become a More Green Dog Parent

7 Easy, Money-Saving Steps to Having a ‘Green’ Pet
Not really the do-it-yourself type? Here are seven quick tips on how to be a green pet parent without breaking the bank.

Homemade Food for Earth Friendly Dogs
Making your own pet food is a great way to save money while having fun in the kitchen. Many people make their own pet foods because they find their dogs prefer it and are healthier because of it. There are tons of recipes worth sampling for regular diets, specialty diets, and treats.

Natural and Homemade Shampoo for Dogs
There’s no need to spend mega bucks on a commercial pet shampoo with a long list of ingredients. You can make your own natural cleaners and shampoos on the cheap at home.

Safe and Simple Home Remedies for Dogs
For persistent or serious problems, always get in touch with your veterinarian. However, for day-to-day issues, there are lots of easy solutions to common problems your dog may have. It’s simple, for example, to clip your dog’s nails and to clean their ears.

How to Make a Dog Bed at Home
Nothing shocks the system like checking the price tag on a dog bed, especially beds for larger dogs. Good thing that with a few common household items, you can make your dog the bed of their dreams!

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