Border Collie Information: A Guide to the Loveable and Smart Border Collie Why This Breed Makes a Wonderful Family Pet

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Is The Border Collie Good For You?

  • 1 The Border Collie is most known for obedience and stamina.
  • 2 They do not get along with dogs of the same sex, cats, or children and may not be the best fit for a family.
  • 3 Border Collies require frequent workouts and demand a great deal of attention.


Believed to have originated in the British Isles, the Border Collie is the descendant of old British droving breeds including the Bearded Collie, Harlequin, Bob-tailed Sheepdog, and Smithfield. Border Collies are some of the smartest dogs, which made them very useful as herders for a long time. The dog was registered by AKC in the year 1995.

Quick Facts

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    12 - 15 years - although some have lived to be 18 years old.

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    Hair Length

    Long, Medium

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    Male Height

    19-22 inches (48-56 cm.)

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    Male Weight

    30-45 pounds (14-20 kg.)

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    Female Height

    18-21 inches (46-53 cm.)

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    Female Weight

    27-42 pounds (12-19 kg.)

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    Litter Size

    4 - 8 puppies with the average being 6 puppies


Considered one among the most intelligent dog breeds, the Border Collie is known for their obedience, stamina and agility. It is believed that this outstanding herder has an eye that can hypnotize cattle. The breed is not friendly with other dogs of the same sex or with cats, and has a tendency to get aggressive at the pokes and prods of children. Border Collies demand extensive regular exercise and a great amount of attention and possibly a job to do, otherwise they will be climbing the walls..


Border Collies can have a wide array of colors in their coat, such as black and white, chocolate and white, red and white, yellow and white, blue and white, lilac and white, sable and white, tricolor, saddle pattern, blue merle, red merle, and sable merle.

Health Concerns

Border Collies are prone to health conditions like:


Border Collies have a flat skull, dark brown oval eyes, a long tail that reaches to the hock, and a muzzle that tapers to the black nose. The Border Collie is 22 inches tall and weighs around 44 pounds. They can have two different kinds of coat: a short, lustrous coat, or a rough, longer coat. The longer haired Border Collies have a ring of fur around their head that resembles a mane, as well as a bushier tail. Since this Collie was bred for work and not aesthetic qualities, there can be a lot of wiggle room insofar as their physical appearance is concerned, leading to different coat lengths and color patterns.

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