Top 7 Dog Heartworm Treatments The Best Way to Prevent Parasites from Making Your Dog Their Home

Top 7 Dog Heartworm Treatments

Heartworm in dogs is no joke. This vile parasite wheedles its way into your furry pal's heart or lungs and makes them very ill. While there are heartworm treatments, it can be very expensive and stressful, for both you and your dog. Explore the much simpler path of preventative medication and keep your canine heartworm free.

The heartworm is an insidious little parasite that hitches their eggs for a ride on mosquitoes, using these pests as their own personal incubator. They are then transferred from dog to dog via bug bite. Once inside, they make a cozy home for themselves out of your dogs lungs or heart, growing up to a foot long!

While treatment is an option, it can often be time-consuming, stress-inducing, and wallet-depleting. Your best option in keeping your dog safe from the diabolical clutches of heartworm is to give your pooch a monthly preventative. Here are a few good options of heartworm medication for dogs.

Heartworm Medication for Dogs

Iverheart Max

  • Monthly chewable tablet
  • Works on dogs 8 weeks and older
  • Safe for dogs 6 lbs and up
  • Protects against heartworm, hookworm, roundworm, tapeworm, and flatworm


  • Monthly topical solution
  • Non-greasy and quick drying
  • Prevents heartworm disease
  • Kills fleas, flea eggs, ear mites, scabies, and ticks

Sentinel Flavor Tabs

  • Monthly chewable tablet
  • Beef flavored
  • Prevents heartworm, roundworm, hookworm, and whipworm
  • Kills fleas and flea eggs
  • Safe for dogs 2 pounds and up

Heartgard Plus

  • Monthly chewable
  • Prevents heartworm, roundworms, hookworms
  • Made with real beef
  • Safe for puppies 6 weeks and older
  • Available in flavored and unflavored
  • Good for use as a heartworm treatment, as well as a preventative

Advantage Multi

  • Spot-on treatment for fleas, intestinal parasites (round and hookworm), and heartworm
  • Good for dogs 3 pounds and up
  • Safe for dogs 7 weeks and older

Tri-Heart Plus

  • Monthly flavored chewable
  • Prevents heartworm
  • Dislodges intestinal worms
  • Safe for dogs 6 weeks and older


  • Monthly chewable
  • Beef flavored
  • Prevents heartworm
  • Protects against ticks and fleas
  • Dislodges intestinal worms like hookworm, roundworm, and whipworm


All heartworm medications are prescription only, so schedule a visit with your vet and get your dog put on one of these medications soon.

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