How To Treat Arthritis In Older Pets


Our pets are something that we hold very close to our hearts and we do this naturally. We love them and they love us loyally. So when something tragic like Arthritis happens to one of ours, we are obviously a bit taken aback with shock and grief. Whatโ€™s important is to stay strong and though. There are many things that we could do for our sick pets. Here are 10 simple things that we can do in order to help an arthritic older dog.

Things You Can Do:
  1. Take your dog to the vet for regular checkups so that your vet can monitor the progress of the arthritis and make changes to the treatment plan accordingly. Have your vet write you a prescription for Rimadyl.
  2. Keep your dog slim to reduce the pressure on his joints. So make sure you feed him the sufficient amount of high quality dog food. You should discuss this with your vet first. He will help you in coming up with a diet plan that will help your petโ€™s condition while also providing him with the sufficient and necessary nutrients.
  3. Give her controlled exercise. Just because she has arthritis, doesnโ€™t mean she gets out of exercise. Exercise is a very important part of developing the right way and staying healthy. Just monitor her carefully while she plays. Get her to move, maybe play a game of fetch on a soft surface like grass.
  4. Damp and cold conditions are known to aggravate arthritis. So keep him on dry and warm at all times. Apply warm compression to joints which may be painful and opt for a padded dog bed instead of a mat.
  5. Massage has many effects in dogs just like it can do wonders for humans. Ask your vet for a referral to a massage therapist for animals. Massage can help to increase the blood circulation, sense of overall well-being and even his flexibility.
  6. Pain medication can often help to relieve the intense joint pain often experienced with Arthritis. Anti-inflammatory drugs called NSAIDS and disease-modifying osteoarthritis drugs called DMAODs can also really help. Ask your vet to give you a prescription for Rimadyl.
  7. Chondroitin and Glucosamine supplements have been known to improve joint mobility as well as support joint functioning.
  8. Just like massage can do wonders for people and dogs alike, acupuncture can too! This technique thatโ€™s also painless has shown tremendous promise with dogs and other animals that are suffering from Arthritis.
  9. Ask your vetโ€™s advice on the pros and cons of surgery as well as what you should expect afterwards if your dogโ€™s arthritis is quite advanced.
  10. Adjust his living environment at home. Not drastically and all at once as this might overwhelm him, but do so nevertheless. Give him more supportive bedding to accommodate his painful joints, put down some carpeting to provide some traction.

As you can see, you are not totally helpless in the treatment of this illness. There are certain things that you can do to make him feel better. He will lean on you for support โ€“ give it to him.

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