Previcox For Dogs
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Previcox for dogs significantly improves quality of life
Decreases swelling and joint stiffness
Comes in fast-acting flavored tablets

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    • #1 veterinarian-recommended medical supplement for dog’s optimal joint health
    • Comprehensive joint support health with glucosamine, chondroitin, and ASU
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    • A daily nutritional supplement that is a chewable liver-flavored tablet
    Frontline Plus
    • Kills fleas at every part of the flea life cycle from eggs to larvae to adult
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    • Requires a monthly, sterile pipette to be applied between the dog 's shoulders
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    K9 Advantix II for Dogs
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    • Kill fleas and ticks within the first 12 hours after application.
    • Once-a-month application kills and prevents future infestations for 30 days.

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Rated 5 out of 5 by 72 reviewers.

  • Previcox to the Rescue
    Annie is thriving on her daily tablet of Previcox which was recommended by our wonderful veterinarian as a supplement for Annie's long term wellness. by on 10/14/2020
  • It sure beats Rimadyl!
    Previcox definitely helped ease my 17 yr old GSDs pain a lot better than Rimadyl (Carprofen), albeit he could have used a even stronger script. I would urge anyone who's pet has undergone surgery or has arthritis pain to ask their vet for Previcox vs Rimadyl (Carprofen/Quellin) which is not much stronger than an advil in humans. It's unfortunate that because of the "Opioid crisis" that our pets are in pain due to the strict DEA/FDA guidelines. I don't think the people who are cracking down on addicts took into consideration all the animals with terminal illness and surgeries. Previcox is on the low end of pain/anti-inflammatories. In the end, my pup died in pain as a result of not being able to get anything beyond Previcox for his pain. by on 02/19/2019
  • Great!
    Works just as good as the one i receive from the vets but at a slightly lower price. Its effective and easy to use. My dog had no allergic reactions to it. by on 01/13/2018
  • Good
    This product works but doesn't relieve his itching completely. He still scratches from time to time, but not as bad. by on 01/03/2018
  • Relief from hip dysplasia and arthrictic pain
    My dog is approximately 11 years old and suffers from hip dysplasia and arthritis. Using a syringe to administer is a snap and guarentees she gets the medicene that keeps her moving and comfortable. I am grateful for this medication. by on 12/17/2015
  • This product is very effective
    My Ella feels so much better with the help of this product.Thank you for making it affordable!Sincerely,K.Allen by on 12/09/2015
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